What Titleist ball is right for me?

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Justin L

A little backround info, im 15 years old, have a 0 handicap, my driver swing speed is 110-115 mph. This past summer I practiced a lot and my game improved a ton. This year I am playing on my high school golf team as a freshman. Now that I will be playing competitively (I didnt last summer) I get to use the golf ball of my choice. Sense last summer didnt matter and i didnt need to use the best golf ball, I dont have much experience. I have found some Pro V1's and Pro V1x's around the course. I didnt really compare them so I have no idea which one is right for me. I can control the ball flight and spin very well. I am very consistant with my driver and long irons but improving my short game a little would take my game to the next level. Which ball should I choose?

Justin L

Im from south east Michigan. So any city in the area would be great!

Christian J

Congrats on making your golf team!  Based on this information I would suggest the ProV1.  You have stated that your short game could improve some, and this is the ball to improve it.  The ProV1x is another great choice, but it's built more for distance.  It does however offer spin as well, but the ProV1 will help you more with the spin around the greens.

 Best of Luck!

Robert J

Depending upon where you are in S.E. Michigan, you could contact Miles of Golf near Yipsilanti, or Carl's Golfland in either Plymouth or Bloomfield Hills. Miles of Golf is a Titlesit regional Fitting Center, and Carl's is an authorized Titleist dealer. Both offer fitting services and may be able to provide you some guidance and opportunity to find the best ball for your game.

cam j

i am also a 15 year old and i use the Pro V1x. It is a great ball that is good in all weather, gets good distance, and a fair amount of spin. It sounds like you get a lot of spin so i dont believe that you will need a pro v1. In my opinion you should go with the pro v1x. 

Daniel R

Definitely play the prov1x . Your swingspeed and game are perfect for it

Justin L

Im at Carls Golfland every weekend hitting balls so I'll see if i can get fitted there


Great, as I don't think the traveling ball fitting team will be back in the Michigan area until warmer weather.  :-)

Good luck and congrats on making the team!