Can't decide which ball to use. (Pro v1 or Pro v1x)

Started by : Christian P |

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Christian P

Hi guys,

I am stuck on deciding what ball I should use, the pro v1 or pro v1x. I have tested both of these balls on the course and I love them both, but they both have characteristics that I fit my game. I like the high and straight ball flight from the x but the soft feel and spin from the pro v1. I wish I could blend them together to make one super amazing ball, but it doesn't quite work like that. What would you recommend I do?

Daniel R

what is your handicap. Also do you like a lot of spin on the tee. Which performed better for you around the green?


They are both great golf balls! What you need to do is take a look at how each one performs with your "scoring" clubs", that is the ones you hit to most of the greens on the course you play. If you tend to miss a few more greens than you would like (who doesn't!) then look at how each ball performs around the greens. You decision will become very clear.

Personally I play the ProV1x. I prefer its lower spin rate to that of the ProV1. I find that when I play on a windy day the ProV1 is a bit harder to control. I also find that I tend to spin the ProV1 a bit too much off the wedges. The ProV1x was an easy choice for me.