Ball Fitting Experience

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Carl T

Want to give two thumbs up to the Team Titleist for the ball fitting demo yesterday at my country club in Little Rock. Thanks for the information and your staff was very professional and knowledgeable on golf ball preference.

Chris P

Gotta agree.  The ball fitting team that came to the course by my house in the Houston area couldn't have been more on target and professional.  I have been a ProV1x player for a few years at the recommendation of the club pro.  I went to the fitting telling them how much I liked the ProV1...not x.  After about 25-30 balls with the wedge, 6i and driver they were convinced and had convincing evidence why I should be playing the X.  I explained to them that i already play it and let them know how impressed I was with their honesty and professionalism in not just keeping me in a Titleist ball that i told them I played but finding the right ball for me.

Thanks Titleist!!