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Wayne M

I have always liked to play the Pro V1x and sometimes the NXT Tour at times like now here in New England where a plugged ball (in the fairway) could be lost forever. This keeps the cost down a bit.  Needless to say, a fairway can be a pond early in the year.  Last night, I decided to try the ball fitting on and it said that the best ball for me was the Pro V1x and the NXT Tour was the 'next best' option.  Nothing like having your choices confirmed. 


The ball fitting tool is pretty sweet.  I also went through the process and it looks like the Pro V1x might be a better choice for me than the Pro V1. Next step is to take a couple sleeves out to the course (hopefully this weekend) to go through the on-course process.  Should be a good time and a great way to get some more focused practice in. Thanks to Titleist for the info!

Wayne M

It is very interesting how having confidence in your ball allows you to focus.  If you have a reasonable idea of how a ball is going to react in the various conditions, that is one thing less that you have to think about.  I have tried the fitting tool from other companies and I didn't like the ball chosen for me at all.  I am willing to check out other companies, but there is something very comforting about when your experiment is done and you pull the Titleist out of your bag. 

David Browning

I've been playing with the Pro V1 ever since it's first debut. However, when the X came out, and ever since then, depending on which course/tournament I play, I'll usually take 1 of each (Pro V1 and Pro V1x), hit a drive, then hit a wood, then a dozen or so 150+/- yard shots, a dozen or so 100+/- yard shots, 50+/-, 25+/-, some green side chips, some sand shots...and so on, to determine which ball is right for me. I usually play the Pro V1, but I'll use the X on certain occasions. I work in a golf shop and have told many customers about the Titleist online fitting. The next time that I see them, they'll bring a couple dozen of their "chosen" ball up to me, with a huge smile, and thank me. Although I know my Titleist balls/equipment like the back of my hand, when a customer has any doubts, then they see the "real deal" from they know that I'm not just trying to sell them something that they don't need.


Anyways, the ball fitting feature is a great addition to the #1 website/forum in golf!

Josh G

Mine said Pro V as well, which is the ball I prefer.  I've played some weekday rounds with a ProV1 vs ProV1x and I don't notice a huge difference until I'm making touch shots around the green.  When I'm choosing a ball all I think about is how it putts and how it chips.  I'll play the NXT Tour when the weather is rough just to keep costs down as well.

Darrell P

I'm looking for the ball fitting application on the wbsite and I can't locate it. How do I get there?

Michael D.

Darrell P

I'm looking for the ball fitting application on the wbsite and I can't locate it. How do I get there?

Here is the link...

Just click on the golf ball fitting selection tool and you'll be good to go.

Team Titleist

Thanks David. We are continually updating and adding information and data to the Ball Fitting section, so keep telling your customers to visit.


Kiel U

I also used the ballfitting tool and was recommended the Pro V1x, and the NXT Tour as the next option.  While I love the Pro v's I usually play the NXT tours, and love them.