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Chris T

In the past I have always played a Pro V1. I don't know why but its the one I buy when I'm the shop.

Last week I recieved my 2 ball sleeves of Pro V1 and Pro V1x from the Ball fitting promotion in Golf Monthly and straight away was out on the course to test the balls with the on-course evaluation booklet.

After constructing many tests I filled in the boxes and was faced with a slight dilemma, I had ticked 2 boxes for each-a tie.

For the partial swing the Pro V1 performed the best for me, however when it came to the Full and Driver Swing I preferred the lower ball flight, of the Pro V1x, for my irons and driver as I normally hit the ball quite high. However I preferred the feel of the Pro V1 when it came to touch around the green and putting.

So the question is, Which one is right for me?

Should I stick with the Pro V1 that I have always played or try the Pro V1x for a change?


Chris T

Thanks for the comment. I tried playing with both of them for a round and didn't really find much of a difference so I think I will stick to the Pro V1 as I prefer the overall feel of it and feel comfortable having played it for a long time.