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chris k

Overall both great balls but if i was to choose one then its the ProV1 X-

Here is my feedback

Partial swing- the prov V1X- 10/10 and the NXT Tour 8/10

Full swing- the ProV1 X- 10/10 and the NXT Tour 8/10

Driver Swing- the Pro V1X- 10/10 and the NXT Tour 8/10

Feel Preference- the Pro V1 X 10/ 10 and the NXT Tour 8/10.

As a single figure player i have found it difficult in the past to find the right level of consistency in a ball with all the clubs- i thinks that ive cracked it with the Pro V1 X. I have used the Pro V1X since (in competition) and have found both my scores and confidence improving.

Thanks Titleist

Keep up the good work