Which ball to use?

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Christopher L

I am about an 18 handicap.  I am trying to find the right ball for my game.  I have tried a lot of different balls ever since the ones I used were discontinued.  

I have a very fast swing speed (for an 18 handicap), hit the ball relatively straight, and hit the ball very high, even with my fairway woods and long irons.

I tried the Titleist ball fitting program but the questions really just seem too general for me. 

I was considering trying out the NXT Tour ball, but was also thinking about the Pro V1x but didn't know if it was worth the extra $15 per dozen.

What do you guys think?

Joey R

I guess it depends.

I use both them when I am playing.  I use the NXT Tour when I am playing practice rounds a lot and the Pro V1x when I am playing tournaments.

I can tell there is a lot of difference between the two, but as little as I have been playing lately, I do not see the point in spending the extra money on ProV1x even if I like them better.


Michael, Golf Ball Fitting Van

Some people do use one ball for tournaments and one for practicing.  However, the only downside to that would be not knowing exactly how the Pro V1x will perform in the actual tournament.  As for the money factor, if you are comfortable with the NXT Tour (being the less expensive of the 2), then it seems like it will work great for you.   That's why we at Titleist give you both the recommended AND alternative golf balls when you go through a fitting/selection.  The ultimate decision comes down to you when you become your own fitter (and weigh in all of the relevant factors).  

I hope this helps and that you continue to use these forums for any and all questions that you have for us here at Titleist.

Michael Collins, Titleist Golf Ball Fitter

Josh G

NXT Tour is pretty solid, but playing a Pro V is worth the money IMO.  I'm a bit biased toward the Pro V1, but the 1x would be my next choice.  If you're hitting it straight and high, and you're not losing a ton of balls, then I would play a Pro for sure.  

The only way to find out for sure is to play 9 after work, or during a weekday when the course isn't busy.  Play out the round with two balls (you may have to tip the starter :-) ) and find out which one is better.  I did that twice with the 1 vs 1x and the 1 was definitely a better fit for my game.

The only thing I like better about the NXT is the ball seems to be a bit more durable, but for feel and performance IMO you gotta go Pro.