what ball to use?

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Hi there, 

I was wondering what ball would be best for me.

Off the tee I hit 250 yards , 164 yards with my 7 iron, i don't put a lot of spin on my chips but with my irons or approaches yes.

I like a soft feel what ball is best suited for me ?

Geoffrey B

Definatley a prov1 or nxt tour

Patrick H


Titleist ball fitting is not necessarily based on distances you hit a particular club, it is based more on spin rates, shot shape characteristics, and feel.  Based on your initial question, for distances, and your preference for a soft feel, then yes you should be playing a Pro V1 or Pro V1x. 

The biggest difference in the two balls is that the V1x spins a little bit less on the shorter shots, (less than 100 yards) and they spin even less on the longer shots, 6 iron+.  Since the V1x spins less, it has a tendency to fly a little straighter on mis-hit shots compared to a Pro V1. 

Since both balls have the same soft cover, and similar feel, the V1x with a little less spin, might be the right choice for you.  The best thing to do is compare V1x's with V1's or any other ball, starting close to the green with chip, pitch, and bunker shots, then work your way back to the tee.  For better players and lower handicappers, they might see a bigger difference between the two balls off of the tee.

Please post any other questions,


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