Pro V1X for slower swingers?

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Domenico E

  I am 12 and hit a good drive 200+ yards, but am am not consistent, and still haven't breaken 100. I know you guys will say DT Solo or NXT, but I have trouble enough stopping the ball on short shots with using a Tour ball. I thought the lack of spin on full drives and irons would help straighten me out, but the shpin on wedges that the Pro V1X seemed great. However, it's high compression and i'm a slow swinger, so, um.......yeah.  (BTW I only play about one sacred round a week, and don't have convienece or cash to buy a sleeve of each.) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


Swing speed doesn't matter my friend.  The X or even the Pro V1 can help if you need spin.  Ball fitting is all about finding the right ball from about 50 yards and in based on performance...getting it close! 


Then we can tune the rest of your clubs during a fitting to take advantage. 

Domenico E

 WIll the feel be too firm?

sam d

Well it shouldn't feel hard but it is the harder of the two models. you might want to try the pro v1, the spin is a little higher and the compression is a bit lower so that may work better than the prov1x. I initially used the v1x but after trying the v1 i think i prefer that. I get more spin and i believe i get more distance. my swing speed is 95-100mph and my handicap is around 12. Goodluck ball hunting :)

Josh G

Think about how many shots you take, and then how many you're swinging your hardest for.  Most shots, and the most important shots (relating to scoring) happen around the green 50 yards and in.  Pick the ball that holds the green and reacts the way you want it to on chips and putts.  If you can't afford it, try to find a ball fitting van.  They travel around all over the place and will give you a free two pack of each ball if you want it.  Best of luck with the search and the game.