Which ball is best for me

Started by : Ahmad R |

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Ahmad R

Hi I'm a 12 year old with a swing speed of 100-106mph. My tee shots are usally around 240-260 which I think is pretty good for my age I have huge tournaments.I'm looking for a ball that will take my game to the next level and take me from the mid-low 80s to the high-mid 70s. I have a good long game I'm a good consistant iron player but really need more spin with my wedges and around the green a ball like that will help me dozens of tournaments I've been looking at the prov1 if somebody could recomend a ball that would be great.

Nate S

 I would say that you should use either the prov1 or prov1x the x has a little higher ball flight and a little less spin but I don't think you will see a considerable difference in distance when comparing the prov1 to the prov1x. there might be a 5 yard difference. I would personally recommend the prov1 because it produces more spin and lower ball flight. Use the golf ball selection tool online in the ball fitting section.