Ball Fitting Results

Today was my first time doing a ball fitting. The guy doing my fitting typed my email address and info into the system. Is it possible that I can login somewhere to see my results?

Sorry not sure.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your interest in getting fit for a Titleist golf ball  !!!!   My name is Jason I am a member of a ball fitting team and came across your post.  If you can get me info as to where and when your fitting was I can contact the team for you and see if they can forward the stats.  Thanks for your support of Titleist.

Hello Jason,

I,too, would love for you to send results from my ball fitting.  I had my session at Makefield Highlands Golf Club in Yardley, PA on Wednesday, June 20th.  I was the first person fitted at 9:45am.  Thank you.

Skip Lane

Sean, when are where did you do your ball fitting? 

Hi Skip,

I am a member of the fitting team that was at Makefield last week, I will be able to send you some of your numbers tomorrow, along with a little write up as to what we look for so you could better understand where your numbers fall.