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Sean S

Today was my first time doing a ball fitting. The guy doing my fitting typed my email address and info into the system. Is it possible that I can login somewhere to see my results?

Ahmad R

Sorry not sure.

Jason N

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your interest in getting fit for a Titleist golf ball  !!!!   My name is Jason I am a member of a ball fitting team and came across your post.  If you can get me info as to where and when your fitting was I can contact the team for you and see if they can forward the stats.  Thanks for your support of Titleist.

Skip L

Hello Jason,

I,too, would love for you to send results from my ball fitting.  I had my session at Makefield Highlands Golf Club in Yardley, PA on Wednesday, June 20th.  I was the first person fitted at 9:45am.  Thank you.

Skip Lane

David B

Sean, when are where did you do your ball fitting? 

Titleist Fitting Team

Patrick H

Hi Skip,

I am a member of the fitting team that was at Makefield last week, I will be able to send you some of your numbers tomorrow, along with a little write up as to what we look for so you could better understand where your numbers fall.