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Alternative Ball?

Rich K

I attended a Titleist ball fitting today, and  ball that was recommended was the ProV !X. I play quite a lot, and can't really afford to play with such an expensive ball. What would be close in the NXT line? Thanks.

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  1. Christian J

    The NXT Tour is the closest ball to the ProV1x.  It is longer off the tee box like the Prov1x, (Compared to Prov1) but not as soft as the Tour S. (Like the ProV1 is compared to the ProV1x)  Price wise though it's just a few bucks, nothing substantial so you might want to consider the ProV1x since your were fit to that it.

  2. Don O

    Rich K

    I attended a Titleist ball fitting today, and  ball that was recommended was the ProV !X. I play quite a lot, and can't really afford to play with such an expensive ball. What would be close in the NXT line? Thanks.

    Unless you are playing in tournaments, you may want to try X-outs.  Most non-club golf shops will have some.  They have the same characteristics but may have some noticable blemsihes.  Then, depending on your scores, you can decide on an alternative.  If you improve your handicap by 3-4, will it be worth it to continue with a ProV1x?  Recycled balls can also be an alternative - although make sure they are not refurbished.  Not dissimilar to a used car with a fresh coat of paint.  At one point, I had picked up some recycled better quality 3 piece balls, and I couldn't tell the difference from a new ball, excepting any logos.

    In the end, it will be your game.  I would give the ProVs a try to see if they make a difference, and if the improvement value can't be justified, then look at options.

  3. Rich K

    The NXT Tour sells for about $32  bucks,and the ProV series sell  for about $48 bucks. I don't know about you, but that is a substantial difference to me.

  4. Don O

     I fully believe the Titleist staff are sincere about which ball to use.  In the 2009 model ProV1 was recommended and with the 2011 model the ProV1x.  At the time I never tried the sample balls much - I would slice these into the next county, faster and further than a lot of 2 piece balls.  So they were more than twice as much - I would use twice as many.  But was it really the best ball for a golfer still struggling with a slice?

    I keep trying them around greens, but the biggest factor is still my swing and distance judgment, not how well they check up.  I'm definitely recreational and a 3-5 stroke improvement won't get me the club championship.  I was getting my best scores with NXT and another out of production ball - Tri-Speed. 

    So a better performing ball at less price would be the NXT Tour.  If you have side spin issues, then Velocity or DT Solo may work as well.  If you have a better game and can improve your short game with the ProVs, I suggested ways you could play for less than $30 a dozen and you could buy some 4 for 3s dozens in the spring for tournaments.

    No question $32 -> 48 is a substantial jump.  And there must be a lot of people that are buying above their heads.  When I play the better courses, I will lose a couple of $2 balls, but usually find mulitiple ProVs while still trying to find my one.  If/when I believe a ProV will improve my score, I will consider it, just won't buy it because it is the best for someone else.  I do trust Titleist for quality and love what I do have.

  5. Christian J

    Sorry Rich.  I had just checked the price of the NXT's on the website and said they were $42.  I hadn't really thought of it, and just assumed that the ProV's were still $48.  In this case I would stick with the NXT's, I played an NXT Tour S not to long ago and it played almost the same as my Pro V1.  Great ball, would definatley reccomend it.

  6. pulplvr

    If you check an on-line store like or even, you'll find the NXTs are $31.95 or $31.99.  Compare that to the Pro v-1 or Pro v-1x at $47.95 or $47.99.  That is a significant difference for an average golfer to absorb.  The Velocity is $26.95 or $26.99. Yes, if you buy from an on-line store, you have to pay shipping, but check your local off course golf shops and you should find similar prices.

  7. Bobbi B

    I had a Titleist ball fitting a couple of months ago and they suggested ProV1.   Since I have a high handicap, I was surprised.   The $45 for ProV1 is a bit steep for me so he suggested the NXT Tour.   First round with the NXT Tour, I went an extra 25 yards (not a typo) than usual with the driver and it stopped great on the greens.  No more "women's"  golf balls for me!

  8. Daniel R

    NXT Tour would be the the closest. To you. Yeah ProV1s are expensive however they are truly the best ball you can get. (honestly it forced me to take more time on my shots so I wouldn't lose them. Keep trying to improve your game and when you are good enough (Id say around a 10 handicap) Id move up to the ProV1x or Prov1, Whichever one you will score the best on.

  9. Rich K

    My handicap is 5, so it is not a question of skill, only price. I play often, so I need a ball that is not going to break the bank.  If I didn't have to buy my own golf balls, there is no question , I would use ProVs. I have found the NXT Tour to be close enough that I really cant justify spending the extra money.


  10. titleist fan 1

    Maybe silly and would never use myself but how about 

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