What Titleist Ball Should I Play?

play the pro v1.

I have a similar swing speed as you (upper 90s) and I play the Pro V1X.  It seems to be straighter off the tee and hits and stops within a foot of its ball mark on the greens I play.  I don't want a ball spinning off greens.

Sounds like the Pro V1X. I also play this ball.

Which ever ball works and feels good to you ......  As long as it is Titleist of course .  

I think if you play a hit and stick type of game you should play the Pro V's ... the Velocity might give you a better hit and run ... no matter which Titleist ball you play, I think you will like the distance off the tee with a driver.

Check out ball fitting either from the website or at a ball fitting event, that should answer any questions you can't answer for yourself by simply playing a round or two with each ball.


I changed to the DT SOLO last year . That was the ball i used to help me break into the ninties !!  yeaa. I had gotten a deal so i bought 3 dozen balls. I started of this year with that same first box and i still have the other 2 dozen tucked away. I only lost 3 balls from the first dozen i opened the end of last years season. im still using that first box now.and my scores are remaining at the high to mid ninties. This is a great ball !! im not the longest hitter but this ball helps me I believe to reach more fairways . and putting is not to shabby either. I am building a pratice putting green in my back yard. I will be using only titleist balls for all my friends when they come over to practice.


Thanks Titleist for a great ball !!

Richy Procter

Stony Point NY

I love the feel of the Velocity! I switched 2 years ago from the ProV1 and aside from some extra release on the greens, the balls seem similar. It is the price what attracts me to the Velocity. I can go 4 or 5 rounds without losing a ball, then lose a sleeve in 3 holes. As long as this continues, I will play the Velocity! Ed McDonnell
I feel the same way. I believe that I actually hit my irons further with the V1. I also like the softer feel of the V1 better, and the lower launch is an added bonus. I tend to already have a high launch & low spin with my driver and don't really see any gains using the X off the tee. The Pro V1x has more spin separation than the V1 - meaning the driver will spin less & the wedges will spin more than the Pro V1.
John W

Seems like people say the 1x is longer but for me it might be reversed.   Even though the Pro V1 launches lower, I think the extra spin helps my carry distance.   Does that make sense?

You should play the ball you're most comfortable with (losing). My swing speed is somewhere between 95-105 (who really knows) I play the V1x, I have a medium/high ball flight and it stops within a foot of the ball mark. I've tried other manufacturers top tier ball and nothing compares to Titleist. I can work the ball slightly, left to right but can turn it over for a high draw if needed (sometimes) lol. Around the greens, I can put the brakes on it. I love the feel off the putter, not as much as the V1 but just as good. Again I say play the ball that you are most comfortable with (losing), because we all have taken out a brand new ball and lost it.


Most pros swing speeds are considerably faster than 90-95 mph. Many pros, including Adam Scott play a ProV1 despite his 120 mph swing speed. Pros play the ball that allows them a drop and stop ball flight without spinning the ball off the green. There really is no difference between the ProV1 and the X off the tee (maybe 3 yards) all things being equal.