Pro v1x or NXT tour?

For me ... The Pro v1x

I use both. I play the ProV1x during the summer months when the greens are harder, then switch to the NXT Tour S during the colder and wetter months. I find i get nearly the same ball performance year round that way. 

I actually love the NXT tour ball off the driver and irons. Straight and long... My only problem is around the greens when chipping. There are times when I need to hit a shot that checks and the NXT tour doesn't do that. When greens are wet and soft I'd throw a NXT TOUR on the tee all day, but when they firm up you have to play the PRO V1x or even the 1.

I coach golf and fit my better players with Pro V1 and Pro V1x. My mid Golfers that shoot in the 90's I bought the NXT-Tour-S.  What I found out about the NXT's is they are good when hitting a full shot into the green. When it comes to bump and run or finesse shots around the green they seem too light and don't stop. Ended up trading them out for more Pro-V1x

can't beat the Pro V1

Good point. The Yellow NXT and DT Solo balls can be fun and easily visible on a cloudy day.

Depends.  The NXT is as close to a pro ball as you will find. It is that good.  Close enough in spin performance that many people can't differentiate the difference. If you cannot, save the extra $20 and go with the NXT. Did I say it was REALLY good???

To me, it comes down to chipping and wedge shots. I was trying to show the difference between a good ball and a cheaper, regular ball, and there wasn't much difference with basic chipping, But when you need to spin a better ball just performs better.

I have been playing Pro v1x  since i start playing Titleist golf balls, and i think Pro v1x is better than NXT tour.