I am looking for launch angle comparisons of Titleist balls.

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Greg G

I'm hitting the TM SLDR S Driver with 12 degrees of loft (stiff shaft). I'm getting about 255 - 260 in distance but not as much roll as I would like. I tried the 10 degree model but it wasn't a good fit. I play the Pro-V 1X. If I could bring the launch angle down just a little I think I'll have the perfect combination. I like the feel of the Pro-V1 X, the Pro -V1 and the NXT Tour. With regards to ball flight of those 3 models, which flies the lowest off the driver? 

Any other ball you would recommend that has a similar reel but a lower driver ball flight?



Chris Hatem

How's the spin rate?  To me, the launch angle doesn't tell the complete story unless I know the spin rate as well. 

Good luck!


Jae Hun K

Hi Greg,

From my experience, new V1 ball tends to make lower ball flight. The launch angle will be affected by loft, attack angle, and ball impact location. You may check those elements of your swing.

Good luck Greg!

Greg P

Golf WRX did a comparison test on it.