Titleist practice balls

great question.. thanks 

Thanks Mike for the answer.  I was looking for this answer via Google University and the search brought me here. Should've known just checked here first :)

I was under the impression that  balls with practice on them can be from tournaments where the balls used on the range have practice on them used by the Pros

Mike, Could you contact me by email about the "test balls" that we're sent out last year. It is obvious that Titleist sent out a number of different test balls. However, this year, like last year, a number of people loved the balls they Received for testing. I believe the balls I received were Pro V1s, whatever they were I hit them 11yards more per shot consistently. I tried the 2013 PV1 however, the results were not the same. I am currently playing the Pro-V1X, however, I am still looking for the extra distance and performance from those balls. Is there any way you could help? Thanks, Greg Files