Thanks to Jason at my Golf ball fitting.

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Tony G

Golf Galaxy sponsored a Titleist golf ball fitting in June and I went.  When I got there I was first in line and did not realize he was going to do it right.  He had the launch monitor and various clubs to really nail down what ball was best.  My problem was that I just had knee surgery a week prior and I was on crutches.  No problem, Jason asked me very detailed questions about my game, what I liked and disliked about some golf balls, what aspect of my game was more important and so on.  I left with 2 sleeves of Pro-V1's and testing literature and other items to help me.  He did not treat me as if I was out of luck.  He took his time with me. 

After I was finished I stayed and watched him help another player with the launch monitor.  Again, he took his time and was as thorough with him as he was with me.  That's why I'll always be a Titleist user! 

Geoffrey B

great story jason is awesome