ProV1 or V1X?

I seem to have the opposite experience with regard to stopping power. My normal ball had been the ProV1, but I tried some experimentation. What I found was that the ProV1x went a few yards farther with a lower ball flight. What was surprising to me was that I found MORE stopping power with the X. Consistently, I was stopping or backing up everything from 8 iron on up. Partial shots still checked up nice for me as well.

Could it be that the ProV1 spun too much for me? That would explain the VERY high ball flight and the shorter distances. Maybe, it was so high that the spin had dropped off enough by landing to not come back. The extra height is almost a full club. As an example, my 8 iron carried about 150 and rolled forward with the ProV1. The ProV1x carried closer to 160, but it either stopped or came back a yard or so. Again, the ball flight was much better with the x as well.

Consider me converted to the ProV1x.

Play several rounds with both. The proof will be in the pudding. As all ready mentioned both balls are very close to one another in performance but I am leaning on the V1X as I like the way it performs on chips and pitches.