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Golf Balls

What's the difference?

All balls claim to be long with great feel. What is the difference between the NXT and the Tru Soft? What is the difference...

Golf Balls


I have been playing the NXT TOUR and now the S, but it was suggested by a friend that I should be playing the DT SUPERSOFT....

Golf Balls


I was wanting to know about distance per mile an hour of swing speed. It seems it has been at 3 yards per mile an hour, like...

Golf Balls

Which ball to use

I went to a "Titleist Fitting Day" at our TPC club. It was obvious to the fitter and me that I was launching the...

Golf Balls


I'm 68 years old and I average between 220 and 240 off the tee. I live in central Glorida and when it's cold I...

Golf Balls

Test golf ball

I received a sleeve of ball to test and the weather was finally good enough for me to try them. I liked the ball and wonder...

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