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Golf Balls


Good distance with a nice high ball flight, soft cover overall an excellent experience.

Golf Balls

Black ProV1 test ball

Just finished playing 2 rounds with the new Pro V1 test ball. The first round was played on a 65 degree day with wind gusts...

Golf Balls

Test sleeve

First, thank you Team Titleist for the opportunity to play the mystery balls. Happened to catch a warm, breezy fall Sunday...

Golf Balls

2016 test balls

The only ball that makes a differance in my bag is a prov1. This year i switched to the X. It seemed to fit my game better as...

Golf Balls

Testing Prototype

Just received both my recently ordered Custom Pro V1x and the Prototype Pro V1X will try them both as soon as rain stops here...

Golf Balls

Test Golf Balls

I finally made it out with the new Test Balls. Myself as well as the rest of my group noticed a different sound off the...

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