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I like a ball that's soft over a distance ball but since I'm going to be using a 12 degree driver and loose some distance I figure proV1 might...

Golf Balls

Hole in one

I recently got a hole in one on my home course. I was told that since I used a pro v 1x that titleist would honor a award or...

Golf Balls

ProV1 shelf life

Do Pro V1 balls have a shelf life wherein their performance diminishes? Where is the best source to order custom Pro V1...

Golf Balls

Ball Test

I currently hit Chrome soft, switched from swoosh... How and what Titleist ball compares best? 

Golf Balls

Ball Testing

I have been reading and replying to most discussions on Team Titleist and saw that test balls were sent out last month. When...

Golf Balls

Pro V1 - Pro V1x

I have been playing the ProV1 for many years and recently decided to try the ProV1x. The greens where I play are VERY fast...

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