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ProV1 vs X

Hi guys, Im sure this has been a conversation that has come up multiple times. I have moved my clubs etc to Titleist etc about a month ago.....I have...

Golf Balls

Ball Fitting

Today I had a ball fitting appointment with the Titleist staff at Monarch Bay Golf Club in San Leandro , California. After...

Golf Balls

Pro V1 vs Pro V1x

Can anyone reccomend what ball would be best for me: would like to try out one of the pro balls to see if can improve my game...

Golf Balls

Geezer Titleist user

50 years ago, UNC team would be given a couple of golf balls before each match. We never knew what brand we would get. If it...

Golf Balls

Winner, winner, winner

While watching my hometown hero, Steve Stricker, in the Champions event, I was noticing something unusual about Paul Goydos. ...

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