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Golf Balls


I have been playing the NXT TOUR and now the S, but it was suggested by a friend that I should be playing the DT SUPERSOFT....

Golf Balls


I was wanting to know about distance per mile an hour of swing speed. It seems it has been at 3 yards per mile an hour, like...

Golf Balls

Which ball to use

I went to a "Titleist Fitting Day" at our TPC club. It was obvious to the fitter and me that I was launching the...

Golf Balls


I'm 68 years old and I average between 220 and 240 off the tee. I live in central Glorida and when it's cold I...

Golf Balls

Test golf ball

I received a sleeve of ball to test and the weather was finally good enough for me to try them. I liked the ball and wonder...

Golf Balls


I hit that ball the best BUT I can't see it....Every golfer I know young and old would pay the price for a new. ...

Golf Balls


Can you please tell me the model of golf ball that I just tested within the last month so that I can purchase more

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