Swing speed 88 5'9" tall what ball to use?

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carl m

Swing speed of 88 mph, 5’9” and 69years old. Please advise which 2-3 balls are best for me. I have Burner woods & irons Superfast Regular shafts I have approx 400 balls (various brands) to choose from that I gathered during 2011. Need help choosing the best one to play given my swing speed. Plan to give the rest of the balls to the local high school for the golf team this spring. Please advise, as I would like to retain 3 dozen that fit my swing the best. Multiple alternatives would be appreciated given the variety of balls I have.

Nazree A

any titleist ball really.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the question.  On thing to keep in mind when it comes finding the best ball for your game is that a golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots, otherwise it won’t perform for any golfer. As an example, a PGA Tour player’s driver swing speed is higher than most amateurs. Yet his speed on long or mid-irons may be similar to your driver swing speed. A Titleist golf ball will perform as well on your drives as it does on the PGA player’s iron shots. The golf ball just reacts to the force at impact and Titleist golf balls perform for all swing speeds on all shots. 

As for finding the best Titleist for your game, your best bet is to start at our online selection tool to help you narrow your options down to a recommended and alternative golf ball model. Here is a link to get started: http://www.titleist.com/golf-ball-fitting/app/

From there, I would suggest conducting an on-course evaluation where you hit various shots with both golf balls to to see which one performs the best for you across most shots.

Start with partial swing wedge shots into the green and then work your way through your bag by hitting full-swing wedge shots, mid-iron approach shots, long-iron approach shots, fairway metal and hybrid shots and then tee shots. Compare the performance characteristics across all of these shots and at the end you should have a good idea of which golf ball best suits your game. 

Here is a link to our on-course evaluation scorecard to help you through this process: http://media.titleist.com/images/titleist/pdfs/US/2012/2012BF_OnlineScorecard_v3.pdf

Good luck and keep us posted on your results!

- Mike

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

David L
Are you looking for more distance or control around the green? I think the NXT's would work well. I heard that if your swing speed is not over 100 mph you won't compress a Pro V1 enough. You might want to try the DT Solo also. I think it's a pretty long ball. I have never hit it though. Not sure about the other brands. I collect those and hit them with my driver at the range, but don't use them on the course.

Hi David,

I just wanted to help shed a little light on the compression topic you raised here. We hear this question from time to time and here is some feedback from our R&D team on this topic.

There is a common misconception that a player must match the compression of the golf ball to his or her swing speed in order to properly “compress” the ball. Every golfer compresses the golf ball on every full swing shots. In fact, the differences in the amount of compression across driver swing speeds are virtually indistinguishable as depicted in these photos taken from a high speed camera at impact.

Another myth is that lower swing speed players will hit a lower compression golf ball longer. No single element of golf ball design determines the golf ball’s performance or its distance. The Titleist Golf Ball R&D team has a wide range of tools to design our golf balls to achieve specific performance characteristics. Its compression is simply a result of this process. Compression is a test of the relative softness of a golf ball and relates to how firm or soft a golf ball feels to a golfer. While there is no performance benefit to choosing a specific compression, many golfers (regardless of swing speed) do have feel preferences. Golfers who prefer softer feel may prefer lower compression golf balls.

I hope this helps, and thanks for the post! 

David L

Thanks for the post Mike. My dad was actually the one who had heard that and told me when we were playing a couple weeks ago. I'm guessing he saw it on the Gold Channel, because he watches it all the time, but will find out and tell him what you said.

Don O

Mike D. So the reason that the Tour-S was choosen to have a yellow optic option is because older golfers would be most likely to prefer both a softer and optic ball, not because the softer ball would perform differently than the regular Tour at a slower speed? Thanks

John W

I am same age, nearly same swing speed.  I had been happy with performance on NXT-Extreme.  But starting this year, no longer made.  I bought a few dozen to tide me over, but also looking for new ball to play. I play 3 times per week.

So far I like the Srixon Trispeed Tour performance.  But I do not like that they are not US produced.

NXT-Tour or Tour S do not play like the NXT Extreme.  DT-solo, not as good of performance for me.  Have not tried Velocity yet, but I assume it is for better (faster swing speed) players.

Also I still like my Titelist 975-D driver.  I have trouble with the bigger heads.  So the newer drivers sit in the garage.


Vincent M

For US made balls go with Acushnet (Titleist or Pinnale) or SOME others. CHECK EACH BOX!!!

bert h

velocity ball is great.................

Geoffrey B

wow those are some cool pics. Thanks for the info!

Don O

Ditto on age/speed.  I've been happy with NXT (down to my last 6 balls for special occassions) but have used the Trispeed/Trispeed Tour (in yellow).  The Trispeed was the closest to the NXT.  All three of these are gone or going when current supplies are gone.  I am almost to the point of requiring an optic ball.  I'll be comparing the DT Solo (yellow) and Velocity.  I've tried some prior generation DT Solos along side an NXT but I have rolled through some greens with them on full iron shots.  Comparable flight distances but the roll was further.  Hopefully the Velocity on mid/short irons will be like the NXT.

My perfect ball would be the NXT in optic yellow.  I'd keep a regular supply on the saddle bag with my Unicorn.