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Nate S

Hey everybody! What golf ball do you play and why do you think it's the best?

I play the ProV1 because it gives just as much distance as the ProV1x and WAAAAYYYYYY more spin. I think it's the best because of the reasons above and it's durable and not as expensive as some other balls out there. 

Nate S

Nate S

Does anybody even play a certain golf ball or is this post not worth it??

Dennis M

It's certainly not a stupid question, just one that makes more sense, (as far as I'm concerned), if we relate which ball we use to why we use it. If someone just says they use such and such ball without explaining a bit about their game, there's no way to know whether it's because the ball fits them or because they just want to use the same ball as their favorite pro.

I could use Pro V1X balls, but it would just be a waste of money for me because I can't do with a golf ball what I could 30 years ago.

Don O

My first NXTs came as a door prize. I had a supply of other things I was using, but the one thing I noticed was they stayed in bounds better. It wasn't real obivous since I don't lose a lot of balls, but it was more than coincidental that I might not replace any balls with the NXT. e5 and ProVs tended to be in the 2 balls a round range. I only occasionaly got a ProV to check more than any other ball. That might make a difference of 1-2 strokes a round. 2 more lost balls is 4 stokes per round.

Now I only have to decide between Velocity, NXT Tour, and NXT Tour-S to replace my current supply of NXT. I've got about 18 left and that may last me well into the summer. I may go with optic so that may even change that choice. No question, if it helps your short game, the ProV1/-X is worth the price for a 3-4 shot improvement. In my case, playing a more expensive ball for a higher score doesn't work. Fortunately, Titleist allows golfers of all ability access to equipment for their game.

P Ford

I play the Prov1x because I get 2-3 yards farther than the pro v1 (which i dont care about), but it also provides less spin on long shots which is really important for me because my misses tend to fade and i can greatly reduce the amount of fade with the pro v1x. Also, off the tee the pro v1x spins less so i hit more fairways consistanty meaning i shoot lower scores more consistently. And being an 11 handicap my goal is to break 80 so that was the deciding factor between the two. Just thought I'd share my opinio.

Jim R

I play NXT Tour golf balls. I am an 8 handicap and I like this ball because it is durable and does just what I want around the greens and off the tee. I don't want too much spin because I don't handle it very well at this point in my golf game. It will stop on the green, but not spin too harshly if I miss-hit it off the tee.


In tournaments or when im trying to shoot a score i will play proVx, less spin off the driver, longer, and perfect control aroubd greens. But I have never bought a golf ball in my life. As a caddie, i play whatver i find in the woods or creeks, which most of th members will play regular proV. But for any fun round, i will play proV, proVx, Penta TP5, callaway HEX black, or ZStarX

James B

Prov1x for me :-)

Dennis M

James - For the sake of helping the original poster, why do you play the Pro V ? He's trying to make a decision what to play and with no information as to why such and such suits us better, it's no help to him.

John T

DT SoLo - I'm a 9 handicap and a very high spin player. FOund the old NXT Tour to be perfect, but the recent changes in the new ball performance drove me back to the DT SoLo - it is outstanding. Play very hard fairways in NM and really like the straight flight and distance. Spin is acceptable and need the added hop anyway. Putts like the NXT Tour anyway, so why not save a couple bucks for the 19th hole?


I play the Pro V1.  I have tried the Penta and also the new 20XI, which I did not like at all.


I started playing HX Chrome because a friend gave me a sleeve to try out.  Use to play NXT Tour at one time.  I have a slower swing speed (90 mpg) and cant figure out if I should play the ProV1 or ProV1x. 

Mark M

I play the ProV1 golf ball because I absolutely HATE when perfect shots do not hold onto a green. With a ProV1 ball, the complaints have referred to long shots being inconsistent. However, this does not bother me because my drives (for the most part) go very straight. All in all, the lack of distance is worth it with the spin around the greens, and the durability is excellent.

Dennis M

That's interesting. I haven't heard anyone mention the Pro V1 being short or inconsistent off the tee.

Robert G

The Pro V1 is a superior golf ball. I am 74 with a 8 handicap at Oakcreek C.C., in Sedona Az. I have tried other balls and there is no comparison. Also play AP,s

Bob D

Hey, Nate! I used to play the old NXT and then played the new ProV1. The new ProV's are outstanding! They fly off the driver and are great around the greens. But, recently, I have been playing the new Titleist Velocity and have found them to be even better for my game than the ProV's and are less expensive! Again, great ball trajectory and distance with excellent control on short shots. I'm hooked! It would be worth your while to give them a try...you won't be disappointed.

Joey R

I play most Pro V1x. Every now and again, I use the Pro V1 if I have some in the bag. I have both of them in the bag and it really depends on what I have the feeling for that day.

Bert B

I have a bone to pick with Titleist     Sometimes I think companies  Over Think  about changes

I loved the NXT golf ball   for me it was the best   solid performing ball made    bar  none

I was on the testing team  in Texas   and liked the new models tested   but the NXT Tour  or NXT S   isn't the old NXT

In my opinion  should have  left the NXT as it was       Titleist didn't change the ProV   shouldn't have changed the NXT

Just 1 player's  thoughts....  


Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Bert B

I have a bone to pick with Titleist     Sometimes I think companies  Over Think  about changes

I loved the NXT golf ball   for me it was the best   solid performing ball made    bar  none

I was on the testing team  in Texas   and liked the new models tested   but the NXT Tour  or NXT S   isn't the old NXT

In my opinion  should have  left the NXT as it was       Titleist didn't change the ProV   shouldn't have changed the NXT

Just 1 player's  thoughts....  


Hi Bert,

Thanks for the post and feedback. We always appreciate hearing the thoughts of our Team Titleist members. As you can imagine, one of our primary goals is to continuously improve all of our products to ensure we are always delivering the very best performing equipment.  

Our R&D team has really done amazing job with the entire family of new Titleist golf balls. By introducing some new aerodynamics packages and preference options within NXT Tour and NXT Tour S, along with the all new Velocity, we are confident that there is a ball that will deliver the performance and preference options that fit your game and ultimately help you shoot lower scores.

One quick clarification on your comment around the Pro V1, the current generation does feature some new enhancements. Here are some details from our Golf Ball R&D team:

With the new Pro V1 we’re incorporating two new features in 2011. The first enhancement we’ve made is to the core technology. It’s an innovative, new ZG process core technology that allows us to produce the most uniform core we’ve ever made. This process also enables us to take our already high quality standards to the next level when it comes to core-to-core uniformity. The new Pro V1 also has an increase in spin compared to the prior generation. We’ve also changed the dimple design to a spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design which results in a penetrating and more consistent flight.

Thanks again for the input and feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions or want to chat more about golf ball selection.


- Mike

Titleist Fan 859

I'm a luck golfer! Last week Titleist sent me 4  NXT Golf Balls to try out. Also included in the box from Titleist was a survey form to complete. Team Titleist, unfortunately, someone in your marketing department put an invalid link to the survey in the box. It will be hard to get feedback since the survey link does not work. Now, the NXT Tour ball-its the ball for me. I've been experimenting during the "off season" with a lot of other brands. One brand in particular that I will not mention, stayed in my bag for 3 months. It was a two piece ball that was marketed as a "distance ball" by the maker. I'm going back to the NXT Tour-(went back yesterday)..It is clearly the ball for me. I dont have enough club head speed to take advantage of the benefits of the ProV1 for distance, so the NXT gets my vote in all three categories-Distance, Feel and Cost. It works for me.

Ron..10 HDCP



Bert B

I'll try the new Velocity  this weekend    Hope it plays as well as the NXT    time  and  strokes    will tell  

Robert C

Bob C.

I just tried the new NXT Tour and the Tour S, and I found the Tour S to be the ball that feels the best to my game.  Long off the tee and good around the green,  The NXT Tour felt a little hard and I didn't have the length I did with the Tour S.  I also had a chance to try the New Velocity and I was surprised as I was outdriving my regular partner (same age as me, 75) and my son who is twenty plus years younger than I with 15 lower handicap.  It will be the Velocity or the Tour S for me depending on the weather.


AAron L


 I play the prov1X I like the way the ball preforms and I used to play the NXT tour but I found they didn't hold up as well as the Prov1x

greg p

I'm with Dennis on this.  I play NXT Tours because I don't feel I can utilize all the capabilities of a tour ball.  It is a cost benefit thing with me.   I'm not shy about picking up year old technology at close out prices either.  I stumbled upon a great deal on another brand at Dick's at the end of last year and stocked up.

It is somewhat ironic because I've played Titleist, almost exclusively,  for over 30 years.  Back then the gap in performance between brands was substantial. I paid for Titleist at that time even though it took more of my "milk" money to do so.  Nowadays, when price isn't as big a factor to me,  that performance variance has narrowed to a point where there are 4-5 manufactures of  excellent products.  It makes it fun to have choices.  Lots of choices.

Stankinator Rex

I like the tier of balls just below the ProV1 and ProV1x - the NXT Tour and Tour S balls are a great compromise for me of performance, cost and - truth be told - ego.  The feel of the ProV's is great, I just hate occasionally losing one.

Steven L

I play a Q Star. What is the best golf ball for someone like a Corey Pavin who wants to "work the ball"?

Chris T

Hi, I'm a moderate swing speed player who was playing srixon trispeed. I've just tried the NXT Tour S.

This is a seriously good ball that  is long off the tee and spins well round the green with a lovely soft feel off my putter.

Definitely now my No 1  ball of choice most days..

Occasionally I play the Callaway Hex Chrome as I've found it the best ball for me in very windy conditions.

Regards, Chris T

Robert H

Well... Here is my take what I use.

I play the ProV 1X. I live in the Seattle and as you all know... It rains allot here. ;-) We are also at sea level. The X does tend to carry further the the PV1. Being we have softer green and almost all are Poa, the ball holds well with almost all shots. As are TT brothers, lets say down south or the south west have dryer and harder surfaces, they may have issues with the X releasing a bit more. When I travel to those areas, I do tend to play the PV1 more.

  That being said... I think the ball you choose should be based somewhat on your angle of attack through the ball. Spin or less spin can be controlled in part, by your angle. As a scratch golfer and taller, my angle is steeper by mechanics then lets say, someone who has a shallower  swing plane. Just my opinion of course.

But, I can tell you this. I'll play any ball in the world..... As long as it has Titleist stamped on.

Tom S.

DT SOLO!! Very affordable,Very durable,and for me is excellent around the greens...Thxs

Michael P

I have played golf for over 50 years and, although I have tried others, I have always gone back to Titleist golf balls. They have always been the true gauge of what a golf ball should be. It has been fun over the years to watch the Titleist ball evolve and to try the different models introduced each year.

I currently play the ProV1. Although the ProV1x gives a little more distance, I have found over the years that distance is not as important as feel, spin and control. I am willing to give up ten yards on my drives in exchange for these important features. I have always played a high draw, especially on my irons and the extra spin I can get with the ProV1 is essential to stopping the ball where I want it on the green.

An interesting note: When I am playing in fun events such scrambles, I often pull out the NXT. I have found that this ball gives me more distance than any other Titleist. I find this is a great ball when I want to show off my length off the tee.

I was a teaching professional for a time, gave that up and reclaimed my amateur status and played scratch golf for many years. Even now, as I approach those golden years, I still try to keep my handicap in the single digits. Throughout my many years of golf, I can honestly say that, with all the innovations other golf companies have made, no has and probably never will come close to equaling the Titleist.

Steven L

I'm 60 and a 17 handicap w/ a smooth swing speed of about 80+ mph. I like golf balls like the Q-Star, e6 & Titleist DT Solo. I shot 40 on the Back 9 y'day w/ the e6.


I play (or played) at DT Carry. I have a slow swing spead and the large dimples on the ball gave me more loft. I also liked the feel of it. It was also cost effective. Unfortunately a number of years ago it was discontinued but I was still able to find it at Walmart. Alas that is no longer the case. There are some available on the internet, but not at very cost effective prices. I tried the DT Solo (yellow) and did not like it as well. I am trying the NXT tour S and have purchased some recycled ProV1's. I am also going to try the e5 and Power Distance Soft (whoops, I see these are also no longer available). I based my decision on high ball flight and fewer dimples.

DT Carry 252 dimples - like

DT Solor 392 dimples - do not like

NXt Tour S 302 dimples - ?

ProV1 352 dimples ?

Power Distance Soft 312 dimples

e% 330 dimples

Any suggestions?

Don O

I still have a small supply of NXTs for special occasions.  I've been using Tri-Speed Tour (yellow) since that is also discontinued but readily available at Dick's/GG for less than the DT Solo.  After that I'll have to compare DT Solo/NXT-Tour-S.  I have some E5s but I'm getting enough loft now with other balls with new AP1s.  NXT has been the most consistent distance and direction I have found.  Would have bought more in December but I thought that was only holiday pricing and not clearance.  Likewise my driver speed is in the 80's.  If the rules of golf allowed a driver ball to be exchanged with course ball, then a tour ball would be part of the equation, but I still have enough off center drives that the NXT will be playable and the tour ball will be a penalty stroke somewhere in the vicinity where it was last seen on the way to the great beyond.

Christopher T

I now play the Titleist Velocity ball, as it is more in tune with my financial range these days.  but I also have a few sleeves of Pro V1's on stand by if I need that top level ball.  I like the velocity for it's spring and ability to roll out if not hit directly on center.  The cover is very durable and it comes in double numbers, which I like very much.  And the looks I get when I catch one on the screws is classic.  I will stay with the Velocity as long as it is made or I improve my 14 handicap to a single digit. 

Marc J

Depending on course conditions, I alternate between the NST Tour S and the ProV1x.  I tried the ProV1, but found that it ballooned off the tee, completely destroying my distance - though I loved the feel around the green.

Marc J

Dennis M

That's interesting. I haven't heard anyone mention the Pro V1 being short or inconsistent off the tee.

For me, I have found the ProV1 to be rather short off the tee.  With the excessive backspin that's generated, each of the tee shots resulted in a balloon, that left me much shorter than the rest of my foursome - I would typically outdrive at least (2) of the remaining (3). 

For this reason, I would only play a ProV1 on a Par 3 hole that's within 5i or less range.

Chris S

How does weather impact your decision on which ball you play?

Eddie D

I usually play the ProV1x but i heard that the ProV1 flys lower so i had to play in a tournament earlier this year that was really windy and i decided to play the ProV1 and i couldn't tell a difference in ball flight. I had trouble hitting greens with it but the wind didn't help either. 

steve p

Only the NXT tour for me! I get prov-1s as gifts all the time, but prefer the NXT for my game.

Brandon B

I've never been real loyal when it comes to golf balls, as I like to tinker and get good deals.  Recently, I've been playing the Velocity, though.  I love the length, but more so the lack of spin off the driver.  I've really noticed my lost balls per round decrease into the 1-3 range.  This helps me be more consistent.  I put a lot of spin on any ball, so I haven't had trouble stopping this ball on the greens and don't mind the putter feel at all.  ProV1X is my top line purchase , but I'll stick with the Velocity's for the most part!

Steve D

I don't change ball brands or types often because I don't like introducing another variable it to my game particularly the short game.  I do try others occasionally but have always comeback to the Pro V1 or Pro V1x.  I was fitted for a Titleist driver last year and since I had trouble getting the spin rate down it was suggested I use the Pro V1x over the Pro V1.

Some background on my game:

index - 6.5

swing speed w/driver 95

age - 61

play 4 rounds a week year round

Driver - 910 D3 Matrix Ozik HD6 stiff

I prefer the softer feel of the Pro V1 over the Pro V1x and I see very little if any difference in distance.  Both are easy to shape and stop  on the greens.  Recently tried the NXT S which is way to soft a feel for me, it is very "quiet" when it is hit well.  It did stop on the greens nicely on full shots, but certainly did not have the green side spin you get with a ProV.  

I have also tried the B330RX lately and there are distance and accuracy benefits for me with all clubs in the bag at my swing speed.  Spin is very good and easy to control around the greens.  I wonder if Titleist has or would consider the RX philosophy in the Pro V line.   Prefer the Titleist brand but can not deny the differences with the RX.

Steve D

Jack P

Nate, I have played the NXT & NXT Tour for sometime but as I get older (and slower) I'm wondering if I shouldn't move to a DT Solo (lower compression ball) for more distance/roll.  Since the new Velocity has come out I'm also wondering if it would be more appropriate for slower swing speeds (<90).

Jack P

jerod w

I'm about a 10 handicap and I try to play prov1x whenever I can afford it. I play once or twice a week so im in the process of trying to find a backup ball. I'm thinking the Gamer V2 is going to be the next one I try. Read some reviews on it and everyone seems to like it. Didn't think I would ever tee up another brand once I broke 70's but $19.99 for a 3 piece ball intrigues me.

Laurent B

What golf ball should i play?

I have a high swing speed and when i miss my shot, i tend to slice it a bit.



I played ProV1x all last year and this year.  I just tried out the NXT Tour S my last time out and I really like how it felt too.  I like the durability of it a little better (my Vokey wedges are SM2's and chew up the covers).

Lighthouse Trek

In my younger days (when I could make a 325 yard drive) I was an avid golfer. I would go out at twilight when there would be no one behind me and hit several brand-name balls to see which performed the best. Titleist beat hands down. After I determined I was not going to turn pro I gave up the game for 20 to 30 years. I have recently taken the game up again a few years ago, now in my late 50s the ball I am fond of is the Titleist NXT Tour.

Vincent M

DT 90s, Pinnacle Women, DT SoLo. or a USA made women's ball.

I've tried the optic yellow, pink and orange balls and they do help a little when I rarely get into the fairway. In the high rough, like your back yard height, I can't find anything anyway so I prefer inexpensive balls.  Pinnacle women to support breast cancer research is my choice here. It's not yellow but it has the pink ribbon.

Usually I play wound balls, DT 90s, Tour Distance 90, Tour Distance SF (if I can find them). I play solid persimmon or maple laminate woods usually.

When I'm not using wound balls, I prefer a soft, low compression ball made in the USA so now I use the SoLo. If I need to get desperate I still look for USA made. I look at the individual sleeves to find the place of manufacture. You really need to do this. 

george t

I switched to the ProV1x last fall and continue to play them.  Between my new 910D3 and the ball, I've picked up approx 15 yards off the tee, which I attribute to the lower driver spin characteristics of the V1x.  From the fairway and around the green, the ball checks up fine for me, giving me drop and stop like performance.

Carl T

I play with the golf balls that I fish out of the lake at our club. The most popular balls are the Pro V1 and the Pro Vx. I like the Pro Vx the best because I get the most distance with it and it stops on the green better than the other balls I find. The TM Penta and the One are also comparable to the Pro Vx. Goosen said that the ameteur golfer should play with the ball he finds and I have to agree unless you are a low single digit or plus hdcp player. One more note. The Power Distance Soft are the best ball for the money if I was going to buy a golf ball.

Cody D

I love to play the pro v1x. The ball  just plain and simple does what I want and need it to do. Off the tee its long and it does not spin a whole lot. As far as feel goes with iron shots, I always know how I hit it with ball flight and when it hits the green it sticks. The feel I have with my wedges is great and I have little issues knocking it stiff or spinning it back if need be. Overall, I love to play the ball and have no desire to change it.


Vincent M

Bought a box of Pro V1 X OUTS.The entire box was Pro V1x.  Found 1 or 2 with a slight blemish but nothing that would hurt anyone's game. Just used them for short game practice, chipping, putting and my less than full sand wedge shots. They felt great. Did part of the on-course comparison against a DT SoLo with the same shots and clubs. The ProV1x was slightly better but with the wedge that I was playing all the shots stopped quickly and needed ball mark repair. The shots were only 30 yards.

Haven't tried the full iron shots or my fairway woods yet. If my slice or fade is exaggerated with the ProVs then I could play them on par 3s only. ProVs feel as good as my DT 90s. Buying them is a problem. I can't get them by walking to a sports shop like I can with the SoLos. BY the time I add in the gas for the round trip to a major golf store It starts to become cost ineffective. 

Anyway they were fun but so far the DT SoLo is still hanging in there and I still have a dozen boxes of wound balls. I know, I know the shelf for wound balls is supposed to be 5 years but with my swing it doesn't matter.

Erick R

NXT Tour.  

I used E6 golf balls, they were ok, but too firm.  Now that I'm coming back to Titleist on all my gear I thought it would make sense to try out the Titleist golf balls.

I put a lot of spin on the ball, and I hit it high easily, if i'm off the spin... well goes crazy.  Pro V1x sounds great but I don't make enough $ to justify it.  So I tried DT Solo and NXT Tour and the NXT Tour won for me.  I really like the consistency in the flight and how it checks up on the greens.  It also feels great off of the irons.  I'm all about feel and I'm not a fan of balls too stiff, just crisp.

I'm thinking about trying the NXT Tour S only because of the optic yellow feature which might come in handy for me since I have a hard time following the ball.  My only concern is the difference in spin and maybe not feeling as crisp.

And if I had more $ i'd likely start playing Pro V1x's


I just tried the nxt yellows and i must appoligize to the prov1 because i wanted to replaced them but after losing 2 balls and giving away a 3rd  im going to stick with the prov s ...they didnt  grab around the greens ,,and just felt weird off my iron approach shots . i will keep the last 3 sleeves for emergency use only ,but will trade for a few bud lights...   thanx  madgolfer

titleist fan 1

I'm a scratch player at 14 and i play the pro v1x i love the pro v1's but I'm not a high spin player a controlled player is more like me, the pro v1's on my drives spin to much my average driver distance is 264.3 professionally tested so not the longest hitter but only missed 2 fairways today and 1 yesterday so fairly accurate i like the pro v1x's more because i can control the distance on my wedges better, flying them 1 yard over the pin and getting the spin and on my drives getting next to no spin also a slightly firmer feel than the pro v1's (which i like) so all in all the best proforming ball for me is the titleist pro v1x, however my local pro is asking me to try the nxt tours (not the s) so i will give them a try but it will take a lot for me to switch from my pro v1x's.

Logan R

I just finished playing 2 rounds this weekend with the NXT Tour S that my brother bought for me for my birthday. I am in love with this ball. I am hitting it just as far as a ProV1 I feel like and the ball flight is great. The most surprising thing to me was the feel it has when putting. The ball feels like it almost springs off the putter face and flows towards the hole. The control with the short irons is great. It has enough spin off the face to stop on point and not completely back up 5 yards.Plus it is about $10 cheaper than the ProV's. If you haven't tried them yet they are an amazing ball better than any other major brands top ball in my opinion.

NXT Tour S,