Golf ball R&D

I received my sleeve of balls today too.  They 'look' like Pro V1/V1x's, but feel slightly different than what I'm used to seeing from those models.  Having hit them yet, just meaning 'feel' by touching it.

My profile is that I typically play 'tour' balls, current one is Hex Tour, and these are comparison balls - so I'd expect they are similar to that (meaning ProV1/V1x), rather than a NXT Tour or Velocity ball.

I'm playing Friday, Saturday and, will have a chance to put this new ball through the paces!

-- P.J.



It is common to get one sleeve.  After completing the survey be patient. They sent me a sleeve of balls with the markings on them a few weeks after I completed my R&D.



I am also having the same issue when I go to try and take the survey. The web address is not pulling up, any ideas?

hey mike, i was sent a sleeve of prototype golf balls as well but could not access the survey site. Loved the balls, was able to keep it straight and just as long as my current golf ball. felt a little softer of the putter face and had great feel around the green!!


Hi Troy,

Thanks for the feedback. Happy to hear you enjoyed the testing experience. As for the survey links, I've tested them again and everything seems to be working. If you don't mind trying the links below again, it would be appreciated. Thanks a lot and keep us posted.

If your prototype golf balls had black numbers, please use the following link:

If your prototype golf balls had red numbers, please use the following link: 

got my sleeve balls tested them today and tried to evaluate but couldn't sign in at

what should I do now?

Thomas R

got my sleeve balls tested them today and tried to evaluate but couldn't sign in at

what should I do now?

Hi Thomas,

Do you mind trying to click on the link again? I just tested the link and was able to load the page without any issues. Let me know if you have any luck. Thanks.

- Mike

Can't wait to get out and try my Prototype Pro V1x's! Anyone with reviews on them please reply!

My name is Mary W.  I live in central Texas.  It was cloudy and even rained on us during our round.  I compared the new prototype ball to a Lady ball by another manufacturer today.  I have been playing the Lady ball for about a year with pretty good results.  The prototype went at least 15 yards further off the tee.  My long irons and my hybrid all went further and straighter.  I seemed to be able to control the ball better.  It had a very soft feel off the wedges and definitely checked up quicker on the greens.  It came off the putter soft.   I cut 11 strokes off my score today.  WOW!! I love, love, love this golf ball.

Thank you so very much for including me in the test.  Can't wait to see this golfball on the market.

Played today with the Prototype ball. This ball is better than ProV1. Its longer, more solid, yet great feel and has great action into, around, and on the green. I will definitely be playing this ball. 

i'd like to receive a test sleeve, thanks

Was wondering how you can get one of these prototype balls.  I've heard nothing but AMAZING things about it, and I'd love to be able to give them a test and leave some feedback!

Matthew E

Was wondering how you can get one of these prototype balls.  I've heard nothing but AMAZING things about it, and I'd love to be able to give them a test and leave some feedback!

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the posts and interest in participating in the test panel.

We make every effort to include as many Team Titleist members as possible but as you can imagine, we can't include everyone in every test panel.  

As for the selection process, all Team Titleist members are considered when we have opportunities like this but the final selection will vary depending on the test panel.  

Also, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these Team Titleist rewards.

And just to clarify, the golf balls that were sent out as part of the product test panel are part of our ongoing golf ball R&D process and are just test golf balls.  We are constantly developing prototype golf balls and through the evaluation process we review the feedback we receive to continue along the R&D path. 

Thanks again for being a part of Team Titleist.



I Recieved A Sleeve Of Pro V Prototype Balls In The Mail. Really Surprized Me I'm Not What You Would Call A Pro V Fan Or Live In An Area That Is Over Populated About 40k Population. Played One Ball As Titleist Directed In Instructions. Played One Ball for 27 Holes As Then It Was Toast. Ok Here Goes, This Ball Did Not WOW Me On Distance, But Only About 3-5 Yards Shorter On Driver. Iron Distance Was About The Same. No WOW Factor As Far As Distance Goes. However Shots Were Straighter, Approach Distance Was More Predictable With Long Irons And Hybrids, Approch Shots Were "Where Do I Want This Ball To Go And Do" And It Was Just As I Wanted. The Third Ball I'm Saving for Club Championship Under Lock And Key, Gotta Keep It Safe And Warm. I Just Want To Know The Name Of This Ball And When It Will Be Released, Then I Will Be A Titleist Convert. Until Till Then I Will Continue To Play golf balls from other manufacturers As Course Conditions Dictates. Can You Send Me A Dozen for More Intense Evulation???????

This is my first test for Titleist. I received a sleeve of golf balls with an internet address to record my findings, but it doesn't work.The address is Can anyone give me some advise on how to get there?? Thanks