Golf ball R&D

I did try the new Black labelled SOLO  and have 2 comments

1st the new solo feel more solid off the driver   , good carry and distance

2nd felt firm when i putted        I not a fan of a soft ball when i putt , soft balls just don't feel right 

I'll be sure to buy another box of the new SOLO's   for the price   probably the best ball on the market

They were good off the T, great off irons, poor off woods. On the green very good. 

After a while they scuffed up , making them harder to play.


I received 3 Titleist golf balls  to test, but the URL I was given does not take me to the "feedback via short survey" so I'll post it here and hope Titleist reads this post.

I tested the prototype and gave one to my friend to test.  I am a 9 handicap and my friend is an 8.  I hit a long ball, but my friend has lost yardage over the years, but has a killer short game.  Our observations:

Me:  The ball is very long and reasonably straight.  I average 250 yds with the driver, but had 4 drives over 270 yards with the prototype. My short game sucks so I was not able make  any observation as to control and spin.  I usually play the NXT tour, but would gladly switch to this ball because of its performance off of the tee and with long to mid irons.  It has a feel during putting that is soft, but true.

My buddy:  He reports that his swing speed had slowed to the point that he didn't think this ball was matched very well to his loss of distance.  He loved the spin he was able to put on the ball in the short game.  The ball stopped and checked with his wedges and hit and rolled out with his 8 iron bump and run.

Hope this helps.  If you want to send me dozen gratis, I'll take them.

Gary Dunn

Andover, MN

Testing these balls was a blast, and I hope you guys find my feedback useful.  Thank you for selecting me.

I recently received a sleeve of prototype golf balls and hve been trying to log on the wibe site to do the survey on them but can't. Has anyone else done this? 

Played the prototype ball today in extreme wind. Was very impressed with the feel and distance I got with them.I was very happy with the control I got around the greens. Cannot wait to try them on a day when the weather is more cooperative.

Scott W


How long do we have to test the balls.  I received my sleeve but have a strained back and will be down for a couple of weeks.  I see Dr. next week.  Maybe get to try then.  I appreciate being chosen.  When I do test them I will post results.  Thanks in advance.


Hi Scott,

Here's to a speedy recovery! The team will keep the survey links up for as long as necessary but if you're unable to get out and test prior to the surveys closing, we'll understand. No need to worry and just focus on getting better.



Hi Team Titleist and Titleist Staff/R&D Dept! 

I am so happy that I received a sleeve of prototype Pro V1x golf balls in the mail today! This is my first time getting something from TT, only being on for 1 year so far! I am excited to try them out and am honored to be able to test possible new 2013 equipment. Thanks to Titleist R&D! 

Andy M.

If my prototype ball that I tested goes into production I would like to know what Titleist ball it will be. The address was also the test printed on the ball was in black.I think the test ball over all fit my swing speed around 96 mph and also improved my accuracy in the fairway, but the best improvment was putting.The test ball out performed the prov1 and also the hx tour. During the survey nothing was mentioned about putting.   



                                                                                                    Thank You for your time

                                                                                                             Tom V.


First I want to thank Titleist for the opportunity to test the new ball. Found it to be a great product . Don't know what Titleist did to improve it but great companies that produce great products always find ways to improve.

Thank you for the sleeve of prototype balls.  I enjoyed hitting them, they seemed to be just a little longer and the feel was about the same.  They reminded me of the Titleist balata balls in the sense the cover has a tendency to peel with a short iron or a crisp short shot.  I have not had this problem with the ProV1 and ProV1x.  If this is to be the new ProV1 I commend your effort, however I will stock up on the current ProV1 because it is more durable.  Jim Wilson  62 year old golfbumguy.

Hello, I just went to the site to do the evaluation on the Titleist prototype balls.  It said that I'd be asked to enter my Team Titleist username and password.  I never was asked for that identification.  Looks like the survey went through but how would you know it was me?

Thanks and I love those prototypes, I want to buy them now!

Just received my sleeve of test balls!  Looks like the same dimple pattern as my usual ProV 1x's and I can't wait to test them out.  This will be my second ball testing I have had the privilege to participate in so a big Thank You to Team Titleist!!!

Paul C

Hello, I just went to the site to do the evaluation on the Titleist prototype balls.  It said that I'd be asked to enter my Team Titleist username and password.  I never was asked for that identification.  Looks like the survey went through but how would you know it was me?

Thanks and I love those prototypes, I want to buy them now!

Hi Paul,
Our apologies for any confusion. Here are some FAQs I've posted in other threads to help clear up any questions or concerns. Thanks for helping us out with the testing.

Thanks for all of the posts, questions and comments - they are greatly appreciated. Because there are some repeat questions above, I figured I would try to answer everything in this update. So here we go...

1) I can't find the survey links.

If your prototype golf balls had black numbers, please use the following link:

If your prototype golf balls had red numbers, please use the following link:

Please do not take the survey until after you've had a chance to test the golf balls.  

2) The survey didn't ask me for my email address and didn't require me to log in.

There was a misprint in some of the instructions that accompanied the test golf balls that indicated you would need your username and password. This is not the case. The survey should be accessible without any log in requirements.

3) What golf ball am I testing?

The golf balls that were sent out as part of the product test panel were part of our ongoing golf ball R&D process and were just test golf balls.  As you can imagine, we are constantly developing prototype golf balls and through the evaluation process we review the feedback we receive to continue along the R&D path. 

4) How do I get selected? Or why wasn't I selected this time around?

We make every effort to include as many Team Titleist members as possible in these opportunities, but as you can imagine, we unfortunately are not able to include everyone in every test panel.  

As for the selection process, all Team Titleist members are considered when we have opportunities like this but the final selection will vary depending on the test panel.  

Also, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these Team Titleist opportunities.

I hope this helps clear things up for everyone. Thanks again!