Pro V1 or Pro V1x for wind?

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I live in Delaware and it can get windy (about 20 knots) and was thinking of switching to a Pro V1 if it will perform better in the wind?  I currently play a Pro V1x for less side spin on the driver and I generate enough spin to stop the ball on greens with my wedges.  I am also improving my fairway hits and can probably handle a little more spin with my driver.  Thoughts anyone?

Geoffrey B

I find in the wind it is generally better to play a less spinning ball like any two piece distance golf ball.

ward j

Hex Black is purported to perform best in wind. i tried it vs Pro V 1 over 9 rounds of Irish wind last month and found little difference - Hex had negligible stability benefits from my perspective but not a great difference in any regard.. Both balls Flighted similarly and were as stable in headwinds and cross winds. B330 also was tried earlier this year and while the distance for me was a few yards longer than Po V 1 the feel on short game was not as good as I find with the Pro V 1. Also I found that recently popular Penta TP ball which I have recently tried features a nice short game feel but for me it is not quite as long or durable as Pro V 1. Since fast bent greens are the norm where I play the majority of my golf in Pennsylvania feel on putts and chips is most important attribute and is best with the Pro V 1.