Optic Yellow Pro V1 & Pro V1x

Been playing the PV1 x for some time now. A yellow PV1x would would be perfect !

This would be the worst thing Titleist could do for their Flagship ball.  You can sugar coat it however you want to, but a yellow ball looks "cheap". 

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager


Dowe B

I play the NXT Tour S in optic yellow and love it.  But if it is time for serious golf I go back to the Pro V1-x


But why would the color of the ball have to connotate "serious golf"?  Does that mean that K.J. Choi, who plays with a yellow ball, isn't playing "serious golf"?  I would argue that he is, IMHO.

I've seen and played with people who get hung-up on the color of the ball, but come early October, they'll be wishing they'd played a yellow ball when they try and find it amongst the leaves like I did last year.  Played a round with a friend, and we must have lost six balls apiece that landed in the middle of the fairway because there were so many leaves on the fairways.

Just a quick point of clarification on K.J. Choi's golf ball, he plays the Pro V1x.

In terms of golf balls in high optic yellow and optic yellow, there are currently no plans to extend these options to the Pro V1 or Pro V1x. We really appreciate all of the feedback and insight from Team Titleist members, and our product development teams always enjoy seeing the different topics in the discussion threads.

Thanks guys.

My wife and I both see a  yellow ball better than white.  Last year we both switched to another manufactue so that we could play a yellow ball.  If the ProV1 would be produced in yellow, we would come back to Titleist.




Somethings are best left they way they are.

on certain days depending on light the yellow would be great! but i will still play my pro v1x no matter what!

I agree with you Mark!  That's what I have been trying to say the whole time.  This ball is a legend in golf and producing it in yellow, IMO, makes it look "cheaper."  Only thing is they are easier to see which I can see how it would benefit people with vision problems.  Either way I will stick with Titleist and go with anything they choose.

I have to agree. In the winter time I switch balls from a ProV1x to a srxn Z-Star yellow ball.

I lose about 5 yards in distance on average, but I don't lose balls that I should be able to find.

I would play a yellow ProV1x if it was available. I am also a guy who uses a new ball every other round. So I buy balls quite a bit.


I will volunteer to be a tester!!!


I'd love to see it as an option, no one is making anyone buy it! Maybe a test run to gauge interet and if it doesn't sell we'll no big loss..