Tour Distance Balls

There doesn't seem to be any stocked dometically for sale.  It may be available in Japan.  Titleist does work hard to promote their relationship with pro shops.  They may have made a decision to stop competeing against pro shops with commercial products like the Tour Distance sold through non-pro shop retailers.  All I can find now at certain retailers from Titleist are prior generation products.  To note, the line sold by Costco from Callie is not a line stocked at pro shops.  Comparible marketing that Titleist was doing with the TD.  So buying used TD or moving onto DT Solo or Velocity seem to be the options now.

I have never seen the Titleist Tour Distance for sale, but have been fortunate to find a couple in the woods or par 3 water hole. Ha!

I am not sure where you are going with your comment.  Everyone hits shots into the woods or into the water on occasion.  Most folks don't shop for golf balls there.  Do you even Golf?

I've done my best shopping in the woods on the right side of the fairway frome 180 yds to 220 yds out. This is the the distance most amatuers slice their shots. I will say that the Prov's are found  a little farther down range.

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Karl W replied to Re: Tour Distance Balls in Golf Balls.
I am not sure where you are going with your comment.  Everyone hits shots into the woods or into the water on occasion.  Most folks don't shop for golf balls there.  Do you even Golf?
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Hi Karl W: Was just trying to make a joke. Sorry you took my comment so seriously. As far as playing golf. I sure do. Do you? Played today even. My husband and I are retired and live in eastern NC where we have pretty nice weather year round, so we usually average at least 4-5 rounds a week. Today my husband shot his normal round from the blues shooting a 75. Me? I shot my usual round in the mid 80's with an 84 from the forward tees. Didn't find any TD's today, but did find a couple of really nice Pro Vs and a cally Chrome +. It's amazing how many golf balls I can find from the cart path. Got a good eye for balls I guess. They just jump out at me. Actually, we can find so many name brand balls that we really don't need to buy any.Golfers at our home course play and lose the best. I did buy a sleeve of bstone 7's last month for a ladies tournament. Still have all 3. Rarely lose a ball. Karl, try not taking things so seriously, you'd enjoy playing golf more and probably score better too. And be a better golf companion. Afterall, it's just a game, and you're suppose to have fun. That's why Phil is so good. He still ENJOYS the game! Happy golfing! Barbara

Hi Barb,

I actually saw some of your other posts and figured out that you were joking.  Also figured out that you and your husband love the game of golf.  I'm a 12 handicap and I can't afford ProVs.  The tour distance gives me feel and control of a Titleist at a price I can afford.  I am frustrated by my inability to get this product, but I meant no disrespect.  Enjoy the game.


Karl W 

I got back into golf seriously a few years ago, and I purchased Tour Distance balls from Costco.  As my game has improved with lots of practice, I've tried the gamut of available balls.  In tournaments (I play in our local senior amateur series events), I was in the habit of playing Pro-V1s, and I practice my short game for 45 mins. (weather permitting) every day, for the past couple of years using Titleist's top-of-the-line balls.

Distance has been my shortcoming, so I decided to try the Tour Distance balls again, and I quickly discovered that I play my best rounds with these.  No negative impact on the strong parts of my game (chipping, putting, short irons), and a dramatic improvement in the weak parts (driver and full-swing length shots).

My daily short game drill is this:  I drop three balls within 40 yards of several holes on a local (and excellent) practice green, play each ball out as it lies (trying short, long, tight lies, flops, etc.), and keep score with "par" being 7 strokes to hole the three balls.  I'm mentioning this because I decided (duh!) to switch to the Tour Distance balls for practice, in lieu of the Pro-Vs.  Usually, my score for "18 holes" of this is in the range of -4 to +4.  In the past week, I've scored -10 once and -14 (!) with the T.D. balls.

Clearly, this is my preferred ball.  I like it (and am more confident with it) than any of the myriad brands and balls I've tried.  So, after all this rambling, what is my point?  Why can't you folks at Titleist tell me where I can buy this ball?!  You still list it as one of your models on the official Titleist website, but I can't find it anywhere.  Costco switched to cally balls about a year ago, and I bought out all the local K-Mart stock I could find, but they stopped selling them too.

Frankly, I don't want to hear about Velocity or DT Solo being "comparable."  I want THESE!  Please tell me where you sell them.


Tim in St. Louis

I couldn't agree more.  In addition to Kmart I also found some on eBay.  Some people are selling them at near Pro V prices.  I am extremely frustrated that Titleist still makes this ball but will not tell you how to obtain them.  

Karl W

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the post and sorry for any delay in providing you with some more details. I chatted with the team and the Tour Distance are prior generation golf balls that are no longer in production. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to find out where there might be any stock available at this point.

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience and let me know if you do have any questions about the current line-up. I'll do my best to help.



Just like current production balls that get reformulated every couple of years, or less if not Titleist,  we just need to find the next best ball at that time.  I have bemoaned the loss of the NXT, but I took my last reserve 6 balls out on my past round.  Since I haven't used them in a while, they turned out to not be so special.  Once I try another ball and I'm ok with how it works, it is a new best ball.  It is sort of a pain to sort it out, but my game isn't static, so even if I stock up on old stock, I can end up with a lot of balls that are no longer my best ball.  I'm coming around on living with new version releases.

My only sad part is by the time I can test a new version in Wisconsin in April after being released in January, the old stock of at least Titleist balls are generally long gone from the shelves.  ....No turning back.

I hear what your saying.  It makes sense.  You get familiar with a ball, and you get comfortable and it helps your confidence.  I got a stockpile.  I'll use them until I run out.  Then start testing others.  Sometimes I think its a matter of marketing a different name more than a different product.  The thing that drew me to this balls was the performance for the price.  I forgot that I used the Tour Prestige prior both were Costco products.  I had some of my best rounds with the Tour Distance and that demands loyalty. 


Karl W

Golf equipment is all about "the new, latest and greatest thing."  I understand that and also understand that the equipment manufacturers are most eager to sell at higher price points.  What was so intriguing to me about the Tour Distance balls is, as others have said, I got maximum performance (for me) at absolute minimum price.  As a consumer, that's what floats my boat!

I bought a dozen U-2 balls and also a dozen Titleist Velocity to try as replacements for my TDs, and played rounds with each this past week.  I must say that the U-2 weren't comparable, but the Velocity played very similar to my favorite Tour Distance.  I got through 16 holes with the same "Velocity," and it looked virtually new to that point.  Distance, flight, and feel were all comparable to T.D.  I guess I'll try the DT Solo too, though I don't remember being favorably impressed the times I've used "found" balls of this type.

Only knock on "Velocity" for me is that they cost quite a bit more than the old T.D.

Thanks to the Titleist moderator for finally answering the question whether T.D.s are still in production.  Time to take them off the website "Other Models" page!

I haven't had the opportunity to try the Velocity.  I have tried the DT Solo and was not very impressed.  I agree they should take down the Tour Distance as a production ball.  Titleist has for a long time had a second tier ball going back to the Tour Prestige.  I am wondering if they plan to continue that with a new ball now that the Tour Distance is over.  I got a healthy stock pile of TDs.  Perhaps the guys at Titleist could give us a hint before I start looking at changing over to a different ball.


Karl W

The HP3 Distance was the best ball I ever played. A two piece like the Tour Distance and much more reliable than the Velocity or the DT Solo, but it too is gone. Why get rid of good balls with loyal users. I will find a similar ball of similar construction and use it, but I'd buy the HP3 forever if it were available.


John H

The HP3 Distance was the best ball I ever played. A two piece like the Tour Distance and much more reliable than the Velocity or the DT Solo, but it too is gone. Why get rid of good balls with loyal users. I will find a similar ball of similar construction and use it, but I'd buy the HP3 forever if it were available.


Just wondering - for those of you missing the DT Distance, if Acushnet released the Tour Distance as an elite grade Pinnacle ball and you knew it, would you still want to buy it?  There is an apparent spot in the low cost market, The Rocks are into that Game.