New Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls 2013

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Ryan M

Do any of you guys know if there will be new Pro v1 models for 2013?



Bill P

It would be sweet to have a chance to try out a newer version of the ProV1.....I received a sleeve of the TEST balls the last time, and it was interesting and fun to use them and report back on the differences between the test balls and my regular ProV's.....

James B

I play the ProV1x and I did get a chance to test some last time.  I go to the course on a slow day and play two balls (one old and one new) on a par 3, 4 & 5 to see how they comapre

Stetson F

This process sounds like a good time, I'd love to volunteer.  Around here the courses slow down quite a bit in October as people turn their attention to football, and I'd have all the freedom needed to test thoroughly.  Just saying


I had the opportunity to test balls 2 years ago and found the experience very rewarding. Would like the opportunity to again test them against several other brands that were given to me jsut for comparison. I regularly play the ProV1x here in Iowa and the ProV1 when down in Texas for the Winter. I just tested the ProV1x against the Tour iS and found that I lost 10 to 15 yds on drives and control on green shots was not as good either with the Tour iS ball. (received the Tour iS from family member for Fathers Day )

Matt T

I have always wanted the opportunity to test new proV's. I think it would be great to be able to test it against your regular proV and compare the two side by side.

a w

i have never had the opportunity to test the new ball's but i would love to play the prov1x love it can work it and do what i want with it I know it will go where i want it to every time and would love the chance to try the new ones


I actually just received a test sleeve in the mail today. Looks to be a prototype Pro V1. Not sure how they can make the best even better, but i'll find out here soon. I thought the 2011 Pro V1 and Pro V1x were pretty darn good in terms of all around performance. Maybe this one will be even better...

Don T

Just got my test sleeve of my test Pro V1 balls in the mail today! Testing later this weekend!!!

David A

Mine just came in today. Pumped!

Josh G

Nice Don.  You'll have to give us a write up about your findings.  I'm glad to see them go back to the old AIM marker

Ari M

Cool, I would love to test the new balls out. Can't wait to hear how they perform.

John C

Don T

Just got my test sleeve of my test Pro V1 balls in the mail today! Testing later this weekend!!!

Received the X today. Took way too long for my game to come around this year, but it finally did. I'll give them a whirl this week or next. Wasn't expecting them again, but I guess I rambled enough in the last review for another try at it. Thanks Team Titleiest.

Eric V

I just received mine as well. Looking forward to comparing them to the current Pro V1x!

scott a

I just got a great surprise in the mail myself:). Ok, maybe a dumb question, but how do I know what I'm testing? It does not say which ball it is. I play the 2012 Pro V1 X., which is what I'll be testing these guys against shortly. Very cool!!



Kevin M

Have really liked 2011 ProV1 and X since their introduction but also been playing  TP5s over the summer and, hate to say this fellas, but rate them. Very interested to read the resullts of your testing and would love the chance to test them personally.

David A

I also just received a sleeve of test balls in the mail.  Haven't hit them yet.  This will be my second test sleeve - the last one was about 2 yrs ago. 

Looking fwd to hitting them.

michael w

got mine today


I just received a sleeve of 3 prototype balls today in the mail and they look just like the ones posted above.  They have TEST printed along the side and printing is all black..  Can't wait to give them a try!!  I was also on the test panel for last year's NXT prototype balls.


Robb S

You guys are so lucky! Hope to hear about the new balls. Must be awesome to test out prototypes. Feel like pro!


To all team members lucky enough to receive the test Pro Vs:

Please post your results. I am very curious about the new dimple pattern and if you can quantify the effect.


Colton S

Do they send them out to everyone because I haven't got mine and my dad hasn't gotten his yet either,

scott a

I'm playing on Wednesday and Friday this week and will be happy to post my thoughts just after. But again, how do I know what ball I'm testing? It doesn't matter much, I'm very happy to be a part of this in any case. I play both Pro V's (but lean towards the x) and may just switch out the ProV1 and X 2012's vs. the test ball on each hole.    

Brian M

Tested the new Pro V1X yesterday and today.  Overall better performance with distance and roll off the tee and with fairway woods.  Better control with irons.  Only performance issue I noted was that with 75 yds and in shots it was difficult to flight the trajectory.  The ball I tested was much softer off all clubs, slightly longer, straighter, higher ball flight but a very soft feel.  I prefer a slightly harder golf ball, but these outperformed the Pro V1X I currently play.  While I would prefer a harder feel and that "click" off the clubface, these test ball are better.  36 holes played with two balls, current model and prototype.

Chris H

hmmm mine must have got lost in the mail.   It was kind of fun testing a few years ago.  It would be nice to do so again.   WOuld like to hear what others think of the new balls.


just received my sleeve of test ProV1s - looking forward to seeing what they can do!

Thanks Titleist!


Mark P

I received a box of balls too, Friday.   I'm assuming they're (X) as the number is red, just as all previous versions!  Pro V (black number). ProV1X (red numbers)....


I would guess that it's probably safe to say that black numbers are the ProV1 equivalent and red numbers are the ProV1x equivalent.

I'm a regular ProV1x user and have that in my profile.  The package I received had red numbers.

Either way, I'm just looking forward to testing these out, and will also be using 2012 ProV1x balls as a comparison.


Mitch H

Me too cant wait to try them.toggle3355

ryan b

How did you get them?


Got mine today.  Testing tomorrow.  ProV1's are black #s, X's are red.    Have fun testing!!


Jack F

How do you get them to test? I know TT members get them, so why don't they show up for me?

Brian D

I received mine on Friday and have been able to play 2 rounds with them.  The first round was a bit wet, so I don't think I was able to the a full test of the ball, as far as the spin.  Anyway, I thought there was a bit of a higher launch on the ball off of the driver and lower irons.  The next day I picked up the same and noticed a bit more roll on the ball.

thanks again for selecting my to test.  I will be completing my survey in the next couple of days.  Looking for one more test run at them.


Brian D

Here is a pic of the prototypes I received.  Inclusive of "How I Mark my Ball".  Compliments of my 10 year old son.

Paul D

Did any of you who received the Test balls last time and this time receive any information that you were getting the new ones? I was on the last test panel and really enjoyed testing them, and would love to test the new ones if given a chance. Thanks!

Christopher P

I know they're out there as my dad got some last week.  We were playing in a 2-man scramble this past weekend and he pulled them out.  I asked him if he was a TT Member and he said "What is that?:.  I'm wondering what we TT Members have to do to get on the test list???


Robert G

Just received test sleeve today, 10/09/2012

Mitch H

Mitch H

Me too cant wait to try them.toggle3355

     I do feel lucky to be able to test them this is my second time and if its like the first time ,boy Titleist never stops trying,I want even play if i cant play Titleist.Thanks Titleist.

Josh G

I think you just have to participate in the forum and have an up to date profile.  I just received a sleeve to test and took them for a spin yesterday.  I'm looking forward to giving my .02.

Brandon O

I would also love to test the new balls, any info on how to get a sleeve?


Joe R

Yes.  There are new Pro V's coming out.

David F

I received mine on Friday.  Went out Saturday and played my best round of the year with them.  The ball off the driver does not seem to move much (left/right) as well as the mid irons.  The mid iron approach shots seemed to stick in place.  8 thru wedge had medium spin on the greens.  I did feel that there was less spin with the test ball around the greens than the regular Pro V.  Distance seemed to be the same as the Pro V.  I'm playing again on Saturday and will see how they play for a second time?

link e

I tested the Prototype2 ball today. Best ball I have ever hit. 

jeff l

thanks titleist for the new balls will be trying them very soon

Anthony R

I received a sleeve of test balls this week. I have done my on course testing but the survey site to report results is not up. I like the new ball a lot!

James H

Got mine today. I'm assuming its the ProV1 since the numbers are black. I hope to get out and play them soon.

Greg D

Team Titleist Members,

Good news. Received a new sleeve of "Test Balls" in the mail today. Just happened to play a round with them this afternoon. The balls are AWESOME. Only got in 9 holes, But ball seems very solid. I traditionally play the Prov1X, And I think the ones I played today are ProV1's. I maybe switching. As always another GREAT product from the number #1 Ball in Golf!!! Thanks Titleist


Just reporting that I got some test balls as well.  Played 9 with the current Pro V1x and 9 with the test ball.  

My observations were that the test ball had more spin off short irons and wedges.  It stopped really well on the greens.  

It may have been a few yards longer off the driver, but the course was wet/soft so I couldn't really tell about roll, etc.

It may have just been me, but the ball seemed a little hotter off the putter face than the current Pro V1x.  

Overall, I really liked the new balls.  The only thing I didn't like was the alignment line.  The test ball had one of the older alignment lines.  I do like the alignment line that I saw in the TOUR blog.  I hope the new models will have that line.

Lastly, I filled out the survey and I wasn't asked to log in or provide any TT information.  Just throwing that out there.


scott a

Here is the review I wrote when submitting my report back...I play 2012 PRO V1 X's but had the PRO V 1's.  

With every club, besides driver, this is the best performing ball I have ever hit. I didn't see any putting questions, but that was one of the great things I saw in this ball. GREAT feel and rolled true. Best putting day I have had in years. I loved everything about this ball besides the spin off the driver. I play a healthy draw and did see more spin than I would like there. But each shot after was worth it. Great, great soft feel off the irons. I thought I was short or didn't hit it clean a few times and I was wrong each time. The ball got there! Nice spin out of the bunkers. Checked up on low 60 yard pitches. On high shots, landed and came back perfectly for me. I hit a tree and cart path on one shot and the scuff was hardly noticeable. Played my whole round with one ball. Felt as good on 18 as 1. I didn't get much roll out on drives but it was wet. It was a damp, breezy day. I was thrilled with the performance.




Brian C

Scott- I agree with you 100%. I just played today at my home course and loved how it felt & performed with everything except the driver.  I also felt like the ball was launching a bit higher & a hair further than my ProV1x ball.

It was a dream to hit with my TVD wedges - just hated it off the driver (sidespin was magnified).  *Note: I like to work the ball off the tee.

chris m

I just received my test sleeve today!

Ron B

I too just received the prototype test balls, but have not begun evaluating them yet.  They are Pro V1s, I'm sure, based on the dimple pattern and markings.  I've tested before - and it IS fun, as if we needed an excuse to go out to the golf course.  Although I've not tested them yet, I have made a couple of observations:  The color is a slightly different white, a hint of green or blue (or perhaps just less yellow) in the white ball - is this just a difference in finish or a difference in the urethane cover material?  And my sense is the cover is a bit softer - based on the sound made when the ball is dropped on a hard surface or contacted by the putter face, a slightly lower pitch to the contact sound.  Does this translate into more short game spin and/or more putter feel?  Those are things I will look for.  It would be interesting to see if others sense a difference in the feel.

Jeremiah R

nice review sounds like  a great product yet again from titleist just wish this member got a sample

scott a


Yes, it is a softer feeling ball, but good soft, not dead soft. That was what I was talking about when I said I hit a few that didn’t feel like it was going to get there. But that was the very cool thing about it. You didn’t need to force it. The overall feel off the irons and putter was incredible. So much so, that I would probably switch to it from the X’s and try to control my driver more, rather than hitting the big draw. I only hit about 7 of 14 fairways but really made up for it with every other club. The control and feel from 200 in was as awesome!

Distance with the driver was tough to determine because I was losing the 2013 ProV left a bit. I only hit one drive with pretty much the same ball flight. The x drew about 5 yards less and was about 5 yards further. But this was on a long par 5 and the 2nd shot (again, same ball flight) is what makes me think of switching.  5 iron from 205. The x hit and rolled off, new ball stuck.

The feel off the driver is a softer but jumps. Hate to sound like a pig, but I’d love to get my hands on the new X’s to try alongside these puppy’s. :)

Elliott S

I just got my sleeve of what I assume are the new Pro V1Xs yesterday.  I've already set a tee time for Sunday; can't wait to get out there and see the differences between them and the current Pro V1X!  Thanks Titleist!



scott a

I played another round with these balls again today. Same deal. Perfect off the irons and putting. Tough time controlling the spin with the driver, 15 and 19. I started playing a fade instead of my draw and hit some bombs. But it moves more than I would like.

David A

The dimple design looks identical to the current Pro V.  

Ron B

First impressions on the course (and practice area):  Even more spin off wedges than the current Pro V1, checks quickly - even out of the short rough.  Also seemed "spinnier" on short to mid-irons.  My sense was that the new ball carried four or five yards farther on mid-to-long irons (always welcome).  And it seemed the ball flight off the driver was a little lower than the current Pro V1 - a little less driver spin while having more spin on short shots?  That's a nice combination.  It also seemed that the ball was rolling quicker off the putter face - the result of a softer cover maybe.  I'll play again tomorrow and see if there is anything to add.

I wasn't driving consistently enough to really compare distances off the driver - except once:  Same swing, same flight, same result ...

Jackson N

Today I tested the 2013 pro v1 golf balls against my 2012 pro v1.I saw the difference on short game and long game and I'd say the 2013 pro v1's were better by almost every thing.

Daniel H

Curious as to if anyone know when TItleist will be releasing new Prov1x 2013????

larry m


Gregory S

I also heard Feb. but it cant come soon enough the test balls were GREAT!!

Joshua L

More than likely February, with the remainder of the 913 metals and hopefully the 712U. I did see a commercial for the 2013 ProV1's on The Golf Channel the other day, so maybe they'll ship sooner.

Miles B

If still available I'd love to try the new balls against my recently purchased dozen of Pro V1s

tom b

My buddy Scott gave me a Pro-V 2013 Test ball to try. I guard it now like one of my children. Absolutely the best feeling ball I have ever hit. Looking forward to them hitting the stores so I can stop searching for what seems like eternity when occasionally missing the fairway. Great work again Titleist!

josh w

tom b

My buddy Scott gave me a Pro-V 2013 Test ball to try. I guard it now like one of my children. Absolutely the best feeling ball I have ever hit. Looking forward to them hitting the stores so I can stop searching for what seems like eternity when occasionally missing the fairway. Great work again Titleist!

that is what i thought too when i got mine


I live in Iowa and received my in early November. Was able to play couple of cold weather rounds with them, was very impressed with the spin control on mid irons. The most impressive feature to me is the cover. Very playable, but the most durable cover From titleist I have ever played. Played 1 ball for 3 rounds, the only noticeable mark on the ball was a shot I bellied from the rough. Great ball, can not wait to play them next spring and while on a couple trips this winter.


Received these as well great feel but did notice some "wear & tear" so figured that these are the x version. 

Joseph t

I had a chance this last Friday and Saturday to try the new Pro-V1 with a friend of mine. For me, they were a tiny bit hard (towards the Prov-1X). I usually play the X except the last few rounds because it has been so cold. It is very much the same for me with the spin around the greens. My friend says he hits them a lot further than 2012 model, but to me it was hard to tell any difference because we had wind and dry weather this particular day. My friend usually hit it around 245-255 but was hitting the ball 275-280.  

I was hitting it from 275-300 and sometimes longer (with the wind of course. I am going to wait until they come out this Friday before getting some more and buy both kinds and give it a better test before I purchase some logo balls.

Otis T

I played a round with the Test balls I received back in Octiber and they are definitely longer of the tee and the ball flies straighter and seems hotter off the face.  Ball spins more with my wedge shots into the greens.  I actually had the ball spin and back up about three to four feet on several approach shots to the green which i have never done with any consistency in the past.  Overall; i am sold and i am looking forward to buying a dozen when they are released.  I hope Titleist offers the specail in which you can order three dozen and get one free!!!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi guys,

Welcome to 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x Launch Day!

We just launched all of the updated Pro V1 and Pro V1x pages on the site. Check everything out here...



The site and the Ads are top notch Mike.  Can't wait till these come in at the course.



guy s

Thanks Mike. Test ball was super cant wait to buy the real thing.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager


The site and the Ads are top notch Mike.  Can't wait till these come in at the course.



Thanks, TT (as always, great initials)! Appreciate the feedback. 

Davis C

How can I get on a list to test them? Do you just have to be an online member?

Charles S

These are good. Like the style. Should add to the Titleist edge...

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