New Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls 2013

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Ryan M

Do any of you guys know if there will be new Pro v1 models for 2013?



Kevin M

Have really liked 2011 ProV1 and X since their introduction but also been playing  TP5s over the summer and, hate to say this fellas, but rate them. Very interested to read the resullts of your testing and would love the chance to test them personally.

David A

I also just received a sleeve of test balls in the mail.  Haven't hit them yet.  This will be my second test sleeve - the last one was about 2 yrs ago. 

Looking fwd to hitting them.

michael w

got mine today


I just received a sleeve of 3 prototype balls today in the mail and they look just like the ones posted above.  They have TEST printed along the side and printing is all black..  Can't wait to give them a try!!  I was also on the test panel for last year's NXT prototype balls.


Robb S

You guys are so lucky! Hope to hear about the new balls. Must be awesome to test out prototypes. Feel like pro!


To all team members lucky enough to receive the test Pro Vs:

Please post your results. I am very curious about the new dimple pattern and if you can quantify the effect.


Colton S

Do they send them out to everyone because I haven't got mine and my dad hasn't gotten his yet either,

scott a

I'm playing on Wednesday and Friday this week and will be happy to post my thoughts just after. But again, how do I know what ball I'm testing? It doesn't matter much, I'm very happy to be a part of this in any case. I play both Pro V's (but lean towards the x) and may just switch out the ProV1 and X 2012's vs. the test ball on each hole.    

Brian M

Tested the new Pro V1X yesterday and today.  Overall better performance with distance and roll off the tee and with fairway woods.  Better control with irons.  Only performance issue I noted was that with 75 yds and in shots it was difficult to flight the trajectory.  The ball I tested was much softer off all clubs, slightly longer, straighter, higher ball flight but a very soft feel.  I prefer a slightly harder golf ball, but these outperformed the Pro V1X I currently play.  While I would prefer a harder feel and that "click" off the clubface, these test ball are better.  36 holes played with two balls, current model and prototype.

Chris H

hmmm mine must have got lost in the mail.   It was kind of fun testing a few years ago.  It would be nice to do so again.   WOuld like to hear what others think of the new balls.


just received my sleeve of test ProV1s - looking forward to seeing what they can do!

Thanks Titleist!


Mark P

I received a box of balls too, Friday.   I'm assuming they're (X) as the number is red, just as all previous versions!  Pro V (black number). ProV1X (red numbers)....


I would guess that it's probably safe to say that black numbers are the ProV1 equivalent and red numbers are the ProV1x equivalent.

I'm a regular ProV1x user and have that in my profile.  The package I received had red numbers.

Either way, I'm just looking forward to testing these out, and will also be using 2012 ProV1x balls as a comparison.


Mitch H

Me too cant wait to try them.toggle3355