New Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls 2013

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Ryan M

Do any of you guys know if there will be new Pro v1 models for 2013?




Got mine today.  Testing tomorrow.  ProV1's are black #s, X's are red.    Have fun testing!!


Jack F

How do you get them to test? I know TT members get them, so why don't they show up for me?

Brian D

I received mine on Friday and have been able to play 2 rounds with them.  The first round was a bit wet, so I don't think I was able to the a full test of the ball, as far as the spin.  Anyway, I thought there was a bit of a higher launch on the ball off of the driver and lower irons.  The next day I picked up the same and noticed a bit more roll on the ball.

thanks again for selecting my to test.  I will be completing my survey in the next couple of days.  Looking for one more test run at them.


Brian D

Here is a pic of the prototypes I received.  Inclusive of "How I Mark my Ball".  Compliments of my 10 year old son.

Paul D

Did any of you who received the Test balls last time and this time receive any information that you were getting the new ones? I was on the last test panel and really enjoyed testing them, and would love to test the new ones if given a chance. Thanks!

Christopher P

I know they're out there as my dad got some last week.  We were playing in a 2-man scramble this past weekend and he pulled them out.  I asked him if he was a TT Member and he said "What is that?:.  I'm wondering what we TT Members have to do to get on the test list???


Robert G

Just received test sleeve today, 10/09/2012

Mitch H

Mitch H

Me too cant wait to try them.toggle3355

     I do feel lucky to be able to test them this is my second time and if its like the first time ,boy Titleist never stops trying,I want even play if i cant play Titleist.Thanks Titleist.

Josh G

I think you just have to participate in the forum and have an up to date profile.  I just received a sleeve to test and took them for a spin yesterday.  I'm looking forward to giving my .02.

Brandon O

I would also love to test the new balls, any info on how to get a sleeve?


Joe R

Yes.  There are new Pro V's coming out.

David F

I received mine on Friday.  Went out Saturday and played my best round of the year with them.  The ball off the driver does not seem to move much (left/right) as well as the mid irons.  The mid iron approach shots seemed to stick in place.  8 thru wedge had medium spin on the greens.  I did feel that there was less spin with the test ball around the greens than the regular Pro V.  Distance seemed to be the same as the Pro V.  I'm playing again on Saturday and will see how they play for a second time?

link e

I tested the Prototype2 ball today. Best ball I have ever hit. 

jeff l

thanks titleist for the new balls will be trying them very soon