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Donald D

Just wanted to let all TT members that have trouble filling out the prototype survey.When entering the survey website,use lower case lettering for titleist prototype and you should be able to access the website....

robert k

Same issue, trying access site for survey, tried lower case, still cannot get to survey ?

Jon C

Thanks for update Mike D  I always enjoy testing balls for Titleist

Dennis T

I was pretty surprised when I received the test balls in the mail.  I tested the prototype (w/black number) and TBH, I didn't like it.  I compared it to both the ProV1 and the ProV1x and IMO, the ball lacked feel.  It also seemed a little shorter too.  After several holes of comparison, I had enough and put the ball back in my bag (I still have all three of the test balls).  My bud, who also plays the ProV1/ProV1x exclusively, wanted to test it as well.  So, he tried it for a few holes.  His assessment echoed mine.  We both felt the ball was "numb" or "dead"--especially with woods and long irons.  It didn't have that familiar "pop" that is associated with the ProV1 regardless whether it's the standard or x.

Nonetheless, I just wanted to thank Titleist for the opportunity to test and give feedback.


david j

I got the black numbered test balls and I loved them. Please tell me what they are so I can buy some. Great distance, held the green very well, great feel off the putter. Please send me another dozen to test! I'm down to my last one. Thanks so much!

tom v

I had the same problem everything is lower case except the last part. /TitleistPrototype .The T and P have to be upper case

Norman B

Thanks for the update on the survey Mike. I tested the red numbered balls and absolutely loved them.


Justin M

The golf balls felt just like the 2013 ProV1 that Methodist University uses for the range.  Great golf ball and love getting sent these prototypes

Charles S

These balls were really terrific.Great contol on the short game,solid off the putter and straight and long off the driver.Had to besome type of Pro V's.What are they because I will buy these balss.

Donald M

I received your Prototype balls yesterday.  Since I am New Hampshire, I will have to wait until next summer to try your balls. The problem is that I will comparing them to your Titleist IV.  I have used Titleist balls for the past 50 years.

ernest r

I was very happy to be select for this project.Thank you team Titleist.Beta Testing Division

 I don't know what balls Im playing but, I'm hitting this ball further. The prototype ball responds great during driving and my short game makes love to the reaction I get when  chiping and pitching the ball. I played a ball to get a true reaction and I tried different shoots during actual paly. Only problem I have is where can I get more of these balls It releases well when I  bump and run and response well when using  a knock down shoot on windy day. My ball striking with my iron is a thing of beauty. It may not be the ball, but it sure help my game. Oh, incidently, my hole bag is Titleist. Im not a pro but I love my clubs and my clubs love these balls. Cannot Wait to hit that D913 driver with these balls. Now responding to the Instruction you sent with the test ball.

* The ball perform excellent with in 60 yards remind me of a prov. Tried my 52-8 and my 60-4 wedges great reaction

* They reponded well to my wedges had no problem getting the spin reaction  I wanted with my AP2

*.Since, they're all marked the same I cannot say which ball spins well of the tee, but I had no problems getting back spin at 170 yard on a par 3 hole. 

* I use Forge Irons only I jude the distance of a ball from 220 yards in. If , a ball reponse well when struck by a 3 iron at 220 and rolls at lease 10' to 15' away from the pin. I'm a happy golfer.

* I normally strike a ball from the tee box at least 300 plus but this ball rolled 30 extra yards 30' from the pen.

* the ball feel like any standard ball, but reponds like a prov1

* don't understand the last question, but the balls that were sent to me repond like prov's. you call send another 24 to go with the 3 you sent. Marking with different number will enable me to give a better test report.

* Again Thank you for picking me, for this Test  ( Ernest Reaves)



Donald D

Just wanted to let all TT members that have trouble filling out the prototype survey.When entering the survey website,use lower case lettering for titleist prototype and you should be able to access the website....

Really liked the Test ballls I received. Ball did not feel as hard as a ProV1 when hit, but it flew much farther, probably by 10 to 15 yards. Ball also went much straighter and stopped dead. Will we know if this ball is going to be put into production and what it is? Would most certainly purchase this ball!

eric c

What do I have to do to get opportunity to test your new pro-v any info would be appreciated.

Hunter P

how exactly did you get your hands on the prototype? i would like to try them and cannont find a way to recieve them