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Donald D

Just wanted to let all TT members that have trouble filling out the prototype survey.When entering the survey website,use lower case lettering for titleist prototype and you should be able to access the website....

Stetson F

Thank you for the help and the privilege of participating.  Couldn't be more exciting to take these prototypes to the course with me!


I just received a nice white box in the mail today, containing red number test balls.  Can't wait for an opportunity to get out and give them a good test.  May have to play a second round one day this week to do so as Titleist recommended.  I'll remember to check this post before submitting my comments on the prototype survey.

Zachary B

Same here.  Haven't received anything dang it.  Loved testing out the balls last year, it was cool to feel part of a a secret research team or something.

Daniel H

I could not get on the website to complete the suvey for whatever reason. I loved the prototype ball better than my Zstar. I thought the prototype ball had good distance , feel and spin.

Mike S

I received a sleeve of Titleist pototype golf balls to evaluate.  After playing with the ball I tried to go to the specified site to record my evaluation but I could not log onto the site to record my findings


Bert B

Happy for the guy getting to Test the new PRO-V's

Sad  I wasn't included       happy i got to test the 2 times I did  Velocity is a great ball...

Joseph B


Thanks for the opportunity, but I very seldom play where I can use two balls and evaluate the results.  Most of my play is in competition with fellow members and it is not feasible to test as you request.  I have been able to test against other balls on the chipping green but I don't know if that is enough.  Because of the issues mentioned, I can't complete the survey satisfactorily.


Richard M

Tryed accessing the website using your info - still unable to gain access and leave my test results.

 I did recieve a sleeve of prototype ProV's (red number) to test.  Went out late in the afternoon on our golf course and went through the various categories suggested in the testing,  I used the proptotype and  2012 ProV1x to compare reuslts. 

Found the proptype to have all the same characteristics of my current ball.  After about a dozen shots with each ball at the various stations (drives, 150 yd, 60 yd and chipping) I could not see any stattistical diference between the two.  Both were great performers

Talia P

Thank you for the explanation regarding the login. Loved the balls most off the tee. I definitely saw  and extra ten yards sometimes more on each drive. I hope to have the opportunity again!

Love Titleist!!

Todd S

I had trouble entering the survey website.  I tried the Prov1x test ball and thought it was very good.  Compared it to a friend that I normally drive the same distance but he is longer with the irons.  I was longer then normal all day so I would say I gained distance.   The ball spins less off the driver and irons and short shots the spin it adequate. I feel like this ball is better then the previous prov1x.  Good luck.  Less spin mean straighter drives!!!  Around the greens it played like a high end ball.  It dropped dead a couple of shots.  High rating for this ball.

Todd S

Kirk P

Just my thoughts, I receiver the prototype 2 ball to test and contrary to Dennis T, I found the ball to be longer and spin less off the driver and had great characteristics in the air and on the greens.  But most importantly to me, the cover durability was significantly better than previous models.  I most certainly will be playing this new ball in the future if it becomes available.  Thanks for the opportunity to test the new balls as well as give my feedback.

brian k

Thanks for the update Mike.

I tried the balls out last weekend and loved them. Didnt have any problems with the survey.


Thanks again,



Ian B

yep same with me. my course just opened up after sandy and tried them out today. felt much better compared to the nxt tour.  please fix website so i can write report thanks!

Joseph R

I cannot get to the web site for the survey. I used lower case but can not get there.