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Donald D

Just wanted to let all TT members that have trouble filling out the prototype survey.When entering the survey website,use lower case lettering for titleist prototype and you should be able to access the website....

Mark M

Thanks for the info-  I had  no trouble completing the survey.  Red  numbers. Ball seemed straighter off the tee than the 2012 V1x.  Maybe a  tad  shorter in distance  but  dispersion rate was narrower. Overall a  better fit for my game   60 Degrees  here in Indiana in November!  Global Warming is our friend.  .

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Joseph,

Here is a link to a thread where I posted a lot of answers to FAQs on the prototype test panel. It includes details on the survey links and some other info. Hope this helps. Thanks!

Rob S

I really liked the ball...extremely durable...I play about six holes and not a single mark, nick, scratch, etc.

And most importantly, I like the way it performed off the tee, irons, and around the green.

Many thanks!!!

Roy H

As a TT member, I too had trouble getting into the survey, to provide feedback; even after trying a sleeve of test balls provided.  Overall, the test balls did not provide any improvement over the PROV1X I currently play.  Just not sure what type of test balls I was provided.

Roy JR


Got the prototypes, but courses r closed here... So... Here's 2 next year... Thx!!!

don w

I received the red prototype golf balls to test. I loved them. More distance, great feel and control hitting my irons, improved control and spin on wedges. Call me crazy but I felt the ball even rolled better on the greens when putting.

Colton S

i thought that the ball putted better too, but I had the black prototypes.  They were the best golf balls that I have ever played with.  I am definitely looking forward for these to come out.


So what your saying is I don't need to log in.  My question is how do you know I participated and will I be included in any future testing?


Michael Jacobs

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager


So what your saying is I don't need to log in.  My question is how do you know I participated and will I be included in any future testing?


Michael Jacobs

Hi Michael,

That's correct, you do not need to log in for the survey. As for future test panels, all Team Titleist members are considered when we have opportunities like this but the final selection will vary depending on the test panel.  

Thanks for helping us out this time around!

- Mike

guy s

I played inn the same conditions normally play prov1x.

This ball is super.

Lomger straighter , very durable, great feel and touch.

How do I get more

Johnny D

I have been a member for a while now but never received the prototype ball. Just wondering why that is?


Thanks/just finished up th survey and tested out the black lettering balls. They were definitely longer on all shots and spin was easier on the close shots into the green. I did think though that when putting the ball seemed a bit firmer than the current V1x's. Hope that this new prototype gets into production soon!! The day I played them I alternated with a current V1X just to compare and it was a slightly windy day as well.

don h

Thank you,

I enjoyed testing the Prototype 2 ball.  I hope to participate in future tests.


Saransh S

Hi.  Thanks Mike.  Can you please send me some test balls.  I am a proud player of pro v1 balls.  Would love to test the new ones.