Better durability for the 2013 Prov1/Prov1x's?

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Devin F

Hey TT,

I have been reading up on the post the TT members have posted. I see a lot of members talking about how durable those prototype balls were and many of them also said they plan on buying them when they hit the shelves for that reason. I wanted to know how much better the ball held up compared to the 2011 and 2012 models. I love the feedback and everything helps.


-Devin Foster

Cody D

Ya durability would definitely be a plus for the next round of golf balls. My vokeys do a great job of digging into the ball and pull that cover apart. Can't wait for the next round to come out

Sean A

I personally thought the 2011 was better than the 2009 durability wise.  They scuffed a bit differently, but I seemed to get more life out of the newer one.

Jeff P

I don't want to reveal all of my observed characteristics of the new ball while others are still testing ... However I must say that my lot of test balls were very durable, much better that this year's ProVs.

I too own a Vokey wedge which scores the ball. After playing, my test balls had next to no scoring and even survived 3 cart path encounters with only a very minor mark -- nothing that would take the ball out of play.

I'm very impressed with the increased durability of the new ball without losing any feel around the greens.

Bob L

Very impressed with the prototype balls. Extremely soft on the greens with still great distance. My Vokey wedge tends to carve up the Pro VI's, but the durabilty of the prototype ball is much better!  Great job on the ball!

Lewis G

My experience may have been a little different. I agree that the current model (2012) is much more durable than the previous model (2010). My fourth full shot with a prototype ball was a lob wedge (Vokey spin milled 58) of about 80 yards, and the ball behaved beautifully but not without sacrifice.

I then made it my primary ball for the rest of the round (another 14 holes or so), and it was done. On the other hand, I've played as many as 36 with a 2012 PV1.

Still gotta say (without saying too much, as Jeff P wisely does) that I preferred the prototype, and I love the PV1. 

Rick F

I'm a TT  and played 72 holes with the new prototype before i gave it to my wife

Josh G

Carlo Angelo

I believe that that would have been one of the important things they addressed upon. The 2011/2012 ProV1's wasn't as durable as the 2010 version, in my opinion. There were also a few people who said the same. Titleist gives importance and listens to their followers, I am confident that they have worked on the durability of the new balls for next year.

The prototype that I used still looked good after 4 or 5 holes. And I would have kept on using it if I didn't loose it...  Let's see when it comes out next year.

Happy golfing.


I found just the opposite.  I used to shred the 2010's and got way more mileage with the 2011's.  I played 36 holes with one test ball, and it has been about the same durability as the 2011.