becoming a golf ball tester ?

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Dave t

hi my names dave im from ireland i was wondering how you become a golf ball tester i play a lot of golf use a few titleist products i intend on buy the 913d3 this week so a new set of balls to test with it would be great is there anychance i could get a few to test thanks :)

Dave t

I play the prov 1 x ball btw :)

Manuel M

Hi Dave my name is Manny

ive wanted to do R&D testing since I've been a member of Team Titleist. What you'll have to do is stay updated with this site and input your feedback and questions in the discussions panels. When Titleist decides to have an R&D test for golfers they will select more often those that are involved with the Discussions and blog portion of the site. Stay involved with the site and you should have a better chance when it comes up. Feel free to ask anymore questions. Thank you

Reapectfully, Manny M.

John c

Mike, I tested the balls and can't login to the survey. Can you post the link?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

John c

Mike, I tested the balls and can't login to the survey. Can you post the link?

Hi John,

Here is a link to another post with some FAQs I've posted. It should help answer any of your questions. Thanks!

John G

Hi I had heard there is a new golf ball coming out.I play the prov now I was wounding how I could be come a tester for the new ball

Joel L

Hi I was wondering how to be come a golf ball tester? I live in Australia and currently a 6 handicapper. The ball I use is the srxn z star xv but I am up for a change. I would like to try the pro v1 and maybe pro v1x too see the quality difference. If I like the titleist I would spend that bit extra for the better ball but I am not up for spending $70 to try 


ps. How do I become a tester from Australia?????

Cherie R

Hi Mike,

I am a ball tester and delighted to be so.  I have shared my experience with my playing companions.  How do I find out what ball I was testing?  Like I posted otherwise, I love the ball.