Prototype 1 ball

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Ted G

This ball was amazing.  Out performed my pro V1.  It was better in the wind, more spin on short shots and great feel on the greens.

Wish I had a dozen right now, as I shot a 2 over 74 with a triple on a par 5.(hit one OB)

Thanks Titleist for letting me try the new ball.


William S

The ball was a great ball and I likes it much better than the B330 I typically use. Off the tee the ball was solid and compared in distance. Long irons seemed to lack distance but the feel and true flight made up for distance. Short iron and green play was solid. Great feel and great spin. Able to easily hold green from 150 in. Balls seemed to react better from high trajectory. Putting was solid. I liked the feel of the putts and they were true. 

Great ball. I would compare it to the ProV or the BB330. My golf partner with a higher swing speed struggled with this ball off of tee and with long irons but gave the same feedback and had great results from his mid to short irons and wedges. 

Thank you for this unique opportunity to test a special ball. 


joaquin b


I play with the prototype1 it has a nice roll when you are putting. when i used it to tee off it felt a little bit heavy off the tee but other wise if felt good when I used my irons and wedges nice spin on the greens