Test ball was great

Started by : Robert G |

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Robert G

Black numbering, spin was the best I ever had with a shot on the green. Distance was the same even with the additional spin. Durable cover. I will definitely buy the new release of the ball.

Steve W

I concur with everything that you just said.  Loved the spin control and the durability was outstanding.  I compare it to a ProV1 in a ProV1x wrapper.  Thanks titleist.

Pete S

I agree and it held up into the wind very well. Anyone know what version this will be? 

Bret S

I'm with you great ball.  I just want to know what it is/was.  Can't what to tee it up in the spring.


Wixom Mi.

Kevin D

I tried the black test ball and used the same ball for 3 consecutive rounds.  It held the wind well, stopped and dropped on the green, did not draw back too much on hard struck wedges and the cover was great.  In three rounds I hit the cart path on two occasions which is usually a destroyed ball.  My playing partners and I were amazed as to how well the cover held up barely a mark.  It does not have the same feel as the older Pro V but I would buy a bunch just because of the durability.  Shot two of my best rounds of the year with it.  I sure Hope Titlesit tells us what we have tested so I can get some for next season.  Kevin

Medina, OH