Titleist Tour 90 ball

Does anybody know anything about a Titleist Tour 90 golf ball? Are they balata covered?  Were they the ProV1 predecessor?

Looking through some old golf balls a few days ago, I found an unused Titleist marked Tour 90. Sometime in the early 1990s, when I was playing more golf, I thought I had the skill to hit a "tour" type ball. I bought a box of 90 compression and a box of 100 compression balls. I found out the hard way that I wasn't ready: what balls I didn't lose to a wicked slice--only made worse by a ball that was meant for expert players who could shape their shots--I destroyed with mis-hits, giving the cover a ltttle "smilie face" cut. I have to say though, they were a pure joy to hit: soft as a baby's bottom.

I would love to hear from Titleist directly on this one. It would be quite interesting.

I'm not Titleist but that sure sounds like the Tour 90 balata it had red numbers the 100 had black numbers, great ball for players.  Not sure but I think the Titleist Professional replaced it.  Great find though.

Playing high school golf, I was lucky to be at a public course where people were very friendly. The repair guy bought and sold the lake balls and I usually had the first look after the divers brought them in. I knew every balata made. Which ones cut easily, spun the most etc. Anything having to do with playability on the course, I figured out. The Tour 90 and Tour 100 balls came before a ball that came out in late '96 or so called the Titleist Professional. The two balls overlapped for a short period with the Tour Balatas eventually phasing out. The Pro Vs succeeded the Professional. 

Thanks guys. I kind of thought it was a balata ball, but I wasn't sure. Played nine holes on Sunday afternoon, and I almost considered hitting it, just to see what it would do. I decided against it, and will keep it as a "historical" piece.

Titleist surely has plenty of old golf balls in their archives, but if they're missing a Tour 90, I would be willing to part with it for a couple boxes of Pro V1x's. :)