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team, has anyone played the titleist VG3 ball?? i was in denver over the weekend had time to stop in at golfsmith  (no stores in vegas). anyway the had a basket of these balls for $24 bucks a dozen , the salesman said they are Japans nxt  i was just wondering if anyones played them? and what did you think? thanx ,cant test them myself til 2 weeks from now...


Kim , I would  try contacting a golfsmith  store maybe they can ship u some..?  Anyway 

 hit em  straight ... :)

Don O

My local Golf Galaxy has a basket with these in optic yellow as loose balls.  There are online distributors that list it as well.  Have never seen them in a box - the 2011 press releases are similar to current claims for the NXT Tour.  (3 piece, low spin, more distance).