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Allen P

Just a few things I would like to address. First, I had the opportunity to be part the the testing market for the new Prov1x  and want to thank Titleist for selecting me. Recently I attended a Ball Fitting clinic at a local golf club in Central Florida. Since I currently use the Prov1x the ball fitting validated by choice but I want pass on how well the Balling Fitting staff conducted the clinic. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. A job well done and they need to be recognized for their performance. Finally in examining my test ball and previous editions I see no visible difference in the ball(e.g. stamping or markings). Question will the new ball be subject to the "one ball rule"? I as well as others would hate to play an event and get confused trying to determone which is a newer version.

Andy M


The new ProV1x has a grey line on it where as the 2011 model has a solid black line on the line up marker. The font of the model of the ball (on the line up marker) is still the same, except the line is just in a grey shaded color. I agree that the Ball Fitting staff is excellent. 


Bill L

I saw an image and I believe the new ball will have a different color for the side stamp.