Release date for NEW 2013 ProV1(x)'s?

I was fortunate to receive a sleeve of Test balls (PRO V1) in late fall.   Yesterday I received a free sleeve of the final prototype Pro V1 balls from Dick's Sporting Goods to try out - White box with PRO V1 sticker on the side. The look of the ball is similiar to the 2011 ball except the alignment arrows are gray in color.  Wish I could hit them -  we played last weekend - but now it's 10 degrees outside with an inch of snow on the ground...

I was lucky enough to receive a sleeve of Titleist Golf Balls for evaluation.

I tried them out side by side with the ball I play the most---ProV1x.

They played much like my treasured ProV1x's but I thought they responded

better when playing from greenside---whether it was out of a trap, in slightly

deeper grass or when I just missed the green. I don't know whether I'll give up

my ProV1x's for these test balls but they did get my attention around the greens.

Thanks for the opportunity and the trust of my evaluation!


January 25, 2013

I'm sure these improved  V-1's  will be a big hit as soon as they are readily available across the country.

Become a member or team titeliest, and they send you balls to test every so often, this is the second set i have been sent.