Tested, completed survey, now WHICH ball was it?!

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Paul K

Upon completion of my testing survey, I asked to be emailed so I know which new ball for 2013 I received.  I haven't had a response.  Will someone be responding to let me know?  I assume if it had black numbers it was the new V1X...  I'd like to know as it performed, overall, better than what I currently play.

Thanks for a response!!!!

guy s

Mike cant wait for the finished product. The red test balls i had were fantastic.

Can see why Titleist is the number one ball in golf.

Walt L

2nd Year I have been lucky to get to try out the new golf balls...

Thank You

Andrew C

How do you get the opportunity to test prototype balls?

Paul K


Any chance new balls went out recently as a follow-up to the ones I received a few months ago?  If so, how might I also receive the second wave?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the note. We only sent out one wave for the latest test panel. Thanks!

- Mike