ProV1 and ProV1x Differences

Started by : Jake C |

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Jake C

What are the differences of ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls? What are the pros and cons of each golf ball? I know both of the will have there gains and loses but I was wondering what they are. Correct me if I wrong but isn't performance of the ball affected by the swing speed. 

Christian J

Exactly what he said.  Swing speed is not as a big as a factor as some people bring it to be.  ProV1 is softer with the more spin, and the ProV1x is bit harder making it longer.  This is why I believe most pros play the ProV1x, because they already have enough spin that they can sacrifice some for distance.

scott a

I got the 2013's and found the new x's to be closer to the 2012 pro v's in softness. I was testing them side by side. I did still get more spin with the 2012 pro v's than the 2013 x's but the new x's hit and stop on long approach shots and spun back nicely on shorter ones. Slightly better than the 2012 x’s did for me, with a slightly softer feel. Very durable and basically the best ball I have ever hit.