What golf ball is meant for me? 2013 Pro V1 or Pro V1x?

Started by : Ryan F |

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Ryan F

Dear Team Titleist,

I would like to know which golf ball is meant for me. I tend to hit a slice off the tee that is why I probably want a golf ball that has less driver spin but want good spin for irons to get distance on the fairway or greens. I also don't want to hit the ball on the green and it bounces off. I want a golf ball that feels soft when I hit it. I want very good straight and maximom flight but want control around the greens and no slice as bad. I tried the ball selector tool on Titleist website and it recommends both. You guys say to get a sleeve of each but that costs money you know. Fifty dollars for 12 golf balls is pretty bad. You guys make us pay but give them for free to the pros. So really im just asking your opinion on what golf ball is meant for me and I dont know if you guys can send two sleeves of both types of of balls so I can test them out.


Ryan F