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Eric S

Played with the new pro v1x today and i loved it. Shot a 77 using a number 7 ball. Used the same ball the whole round and it still looks new. Very happy.

guy s

Ball is super longer and straighter than previous pro v1x

I thought it spun just as well around the greens

Eric S


Ball was great in every way for me. My buddy and i split a dozen and we both made it through the round with the same ball as we started with. I use sm4 wedges so there were no scuffs on my ball at all. His 60 is still the older spin milled wedge and it ate it up on one all out swing. It was definitely noticeable but not unplayable. It was a real windy day, id say 15-20 mph with 25 mph gusts at times and the ball was great. It felt solid yet soft and did what i wanted it to if i struck it good. I think it was also going just a bit farther, than the previous model, for both of us and we seemed to get more spin with wedge and short iron approach shots. Felt and performed great with the driver as well. Great ball and my new gamer for sure.

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