Test Balls

They held up better than the 2012 model played to one 38 holes until I lost it ,much better cover ???

I tested a sleeve also a couple months ago.  They weren't too far off from the 2012 ProV1x, but I noticed that they didn't scuff up as badly even after playing the same one for 18 holes.  Cover must be a little more durable than the previous model. 

I agree! I have played Pro V1 or Pro V1x since they were first introduced. I don't know how Titleist does it but it seems like they improve the ball with each iteration. 

I am 100% in love with the 2013 Pro V1x. Best Titleist ball to date and that's saying A LOT!

I was able to test some balls last fall. The ones I was sent were amazingly longer off my 910D2 driver. Consistently 15 yards longer. I set my new best round score of 76 that day. (36/40) Also my first time for 9 holes at par or better. I've been playing ProV1x balls since it has warmed up here in the West Texas desert. 300+ off the driver. Its awesome. 

I would love to use some test balls!

How can you get a free sleeve ?

I was lucky enough to receive a sleeve of balls but I didn't receive them until it was already rather cold here in NW Ohio and Didnt get a chance to test them yet I still have the balls sitting in my bag new and ready for play.  My question is since I didn't fill out the survey about them do I have less of a chance to be selected again to try new equipment in the future?  Also should I still fill out the info after this winter weather breaks and I finally get a chance to give them a good evaluation?  Or is it too late and it would no longer matter?  I felt pretty privileged to have the chance to be apart of the testing process and hope that ill be selected again in the future!