How many balls do you bring for a round?

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anthony p

Ok, random question.  How many balls do you usually bring in your golf bag for a round?  I usually take at least 2 dozen premium balls, and a couple beat up balls to hit over the hazards.  I rarely lose more than 4-5 balls per round, but I think not having to worry about running out helps me lay much better.

Christian J

I usually just keep my ball bag full of golf balls so I don't have to worry about it.  On average I lose 1-2 golf ball, but that's because my course is pretty easy, and has only two real hazards.  All you have to worry about is not hitting it out of bounds, so if you can do that your good.  I've played courses though that I have lost many of them though, so don't feel bad at all!

Jake C

I carry about 2 dozen balls per round. I play a couple holes with good balls and determine if it will be a good day or bad a day. If it's a bad a will use bad balls and probably lose them and not care. The golf coarse i usually play has many golf balls that I find and keep. A lot of times I end the round with more balls. 

Scott B

I bring 9.  If I need more than that, chances are I have found one or two, or I know it's time to get off the course.

Bryan K

Same here, I normally have my bag full of balls. I also make sure to have a couple beat up balls for those tough shots over hazards.

Dylan C

I just use  my box of pro v1 and then take out an old ball for the hazard holes. Probably 2-3 Pro v1 a game

scott a

Just one:)

fred k

i usually carry a dozen and always play the 4's first down to the 1's.  if there's are two sleeves with the same number, i always play the older sleeve first.


Brent B

I typically carry 2 sleeves of brand new balls and sort through used balls and bring the best of the bunch usually trying a couple different brands. I always find plenty of balls on the course as well which I always stop to pick up(for use as practice balls for the backyard into the woods).

Sean O

I usually take a two sleeves of Pro V1's and if i lose them then i have my practice balls which i have like 20 of!


I bring one new sleeve of three, plus the used balls in the bag: usually around a dozen. I'm one of those older guys that doesn't hit too far (200 yd drives make me happy), but usually straight, so I neither loose a lot nor find a lot of balls.


Sometimes not enough ;)

I am still at the point where a bad day is a BAD DAY. Usually I will finish having only played 1 or 2 balls, but then again I've also had to walk off from the 16th because I've ran out. I try to keep about a dozen in my bag at all times.


I keep a dozen and replace as needed.


No more than a few sleeves.  Do not want all of the added weight while walking and would never use a different ball for a hazard.


Monty m

I always start with at least two balls, but generally more than that.


Chris S


No more than a few sleeves.  Do not want all of the added weight while walking and would never use a different ball for a hazard.


My thoughts exactly!

Ron M.

2 sleves of new X's and some used for side bets....

Isaiah M

Last two rounds I've only used one ball. Or to put it this way, one ball per 18 holes of golf...

Brian D

I always bring a new sleeve with me for each round.  I typically do not lose balls, but will change out for a new one after nine, or after a couple of bogies in a row.  I keep a fair amount of balls in my bag, but will empty them into my shag bag every month as the bag starts to get too heavy.

It is funny that you bring this up as I had my shag bag on the hill a few weeks ago.  Weather in NE finally broke 40.  The guy next to me asked what I was hitting.  I told him Titleist ProV1's.  He came over and looked closer at the balls and said my shag bag balls were in better shape than the balls he puts in play.  I told him that the ProV1's will outlast and perform much better than the ball he was playing...non-Titliest.

Spreading the word of Performance when I can.  Can not say enough good words about Titleist and their entire line-up including Foot Joy.


Connor I.

true, the people who carry at least 3 dozen balls per round don't walk for sure.

Michael B

On my home course, I have 6 or 8 balls. When I play a new course I have about 12 - 18 balls. I read here, a lot of guys use old balls over a hazard. You should never have negative thoughts, like loosing a ball, in your head, while playing golf.

Nick T

I put a dozen in my bag at the start of the year. Once I get down to three I refill. 


Two sleeves of Pro V1x's......and if I happen to find balls on the course, I use those to practice with.

Justin S

Two sleeves ProV1X.


I carry a dozen Pro V1X's to play with and 6 Titleist Velocitys when I'm not having a good day, I will switch to them. It's a very good ball also.

Kyle P

Depends how many balls are already in my bag!  I usually try to keep a couple sleeves of new balls in my bag but I hit older balls first.  If I don't lose a golf ball in 9 or so holes I usually chuck it anyway.  I love ProV1's but the covers on them just don't hold up for 18 holes to my liking.  Nonetheless, I don't have any intentions of changing ball any time soon, they're just so darn good...

Mark V

New course, practice round 1 sleeve brand new, 1 sleeve previously played but still in good shape.  And whatever my playing group plays, they often flip me the odd Pro V's they find during the round.  Home course, rotate a sleeve every 3 holes  = 1 ball 6 holes; unless......  Just call me Mr. Titleist.   

Mike P.

I just stock up my bag an when I have like 3 balls left in my bag I re-stock

joe t

I bring nine new or like new. I try not to hit a ball more than one full round. I'll keep playing that ball if I'm hot, but once it gets scuffed it's out.

Fred C

As you get better, you will be able to drop it down to 6 balls or less. Remember, balls weigh 1.68 ounces each, so a dozen balls weigh 20.16 ounces or 1.26 pounds. If you walk and carry your bag, that's a lot of weight.

titleist fan 1

Yep handicap right down now to +0.6 I'm 15 I play a ball per round, so I just carry a sleeve I carry my bag so don't want to carry a lot. I'm winter 3 balls but not a sleeve I just use my beat up pro v1x's from summer time

jim k

as many as i can carry :)  some days are better than others. usually i find more than i lose. i just wish people would lose more Titleist balls so i could find them!


I bring along 14 balls.  My wife likes to crochet, she made me head covers for my putter and woods and she also made me a "sack" that holds 12 balls for my golf bag as well as 2 little ball holders I attach at the top of my golf bag.  I usually end up finding a few each round as well, I figure if I go through that many golf balls, I'm better off hitting the 19th for a beer and then go home :)

Mike C

I usually take 1 sleeve of new Pro V1x balls out on a round.  Usually, the ball will get pretty cut up after a few full wedge shots and need to be replaced during the round.  The cut up balls then go into my bag for the ride.  I usually keep several of the old cut up balls in my bag for "insurance" in case I have a bad day and lose a few in the hazards.  Have not run out of balls yet, but I have come down to needing to finish a number of holes without a backup ball in the bag.  I keep an extra sleeve in the bag for tournament play just in case.

Hopefully with the more durrable covers on the new ProV1x balls I won't need to replace them as often during the round for cuts!  I still have a couple dozen of the previous generation ProV1x balls in my locker to burn through, but the test balls seemed substantially more durrable then the older model.


I usually carry a couple of sleeves.  I try to use 1 ball per round, but am not always successful.  6-9 "gamers" are in the bag most of the time.  I tend to pick up lost balls and they go in the shag bag in the trunk after the game.

Rich P

I take the same amount 2 doz. on any given day i will lose 5 or 6

Dan S

I carry 1 new sleeve Prov1s and about 6 used balls. I feel if I lose three my score isn't worth wasting the money for new v1s.