How many balls do you bring for a round?

As you get better, you will be able to drop it down to 6 balls or less. Remember, balls weigh 1.68 ounces each, so a dozen balls weigh 20.16 ounces or 1.26 pounds. If you walk and carry your bag, that's a lot of weight.

Yep handicap right down now to +0.6 I'm 15 I play a ball per round, so I just carry a sleeve I carry my bag so don't want to carry a lot. I'm winter 3 balls but not a sleeve I just use my beat up pro v1x's from summer time

as many as i can carry :)  some days are better than others. usually i find more than i lose. i just wish people would lose more Titleist balls so i could find them!

I bring along 14 balls.  My wife likes to crochet, she made me head covers for my putter and woods and she also made me a "sack" that holds 12 balls for my golf bag as well as 2 little ball holders I attach at the top of my golf bag.  I usually end up finding a few each round as well, I figure if I go through that many golf balls, I'm better off hitting the 19th for a beer and then go home :)

I usually take 1 sleeve of new Pro V1x balls out on a round.  Usually, the ball will get pretty cut up after a few full wedge shots and need to be replaced during the round.  The cut up balls then go into my bag for the ride.  I usually keep several of the old cut up balls in my bag for "insurance" in case I have a bad day and lose a few in the hazards.  Have not run out of balls yet, but I have come down to needing to finish a number of holes without a backup ball in the bag.  I keep an extra sleeve in the bag for tournament play just in case.

Hopefully with the more durrable covers on the new ProV1x balls I won't need to replace them as often during the round for cuts!  I still have a couple dozen of the previous generation ProV1x balls in my locker to burn through, but the test balls seemed substantially more durrable then the older model.

I usually carry a couple of sleeves.  I try to use 1 ball per round, but am not always successful.  6-9 "gamers" are in the bag most of the time.  I tend to pick up lost balls and they go in the shag bag in the trunk after the game.

I take the same amount 2 doz. on any given day i will lose 5 or 6

I carry 1 new sleeve Prov1s and about 6 used balls. I feel if I lose three my score isn't worth wasting the money for new v1s.