Do you like the new alignment arrows on the new PROV1 and PROV1X?

I really like them and use them.

They're Grrrrreeeeeaaaat! When I find one, I can tell if it's a new one LOL

The arrows don't really matter for me since I always draw a line from the tip of the arrow all the way around on my ball anyway to aim/line up putts.

I used the limited edition Pro V1s in a tournament on Saturday and found the new alignment arrows less obtrusive than the former black ones.  I do use them to align my putts, and they were fine.  Of course my putting was atrocious on Saturday, but that had nothing to do with the new alignment lines. 

I mark over mine with a sharpie but custom  color options would would be nice.

I agree that the arrows need to be longer too if color options were available.

 Chris S

I too would like it if we could "customize"  the A.I.M. sidestamp (color, length, and width).  I use a red sharpie and make mine a touch longer and wider.

Think they are great, more color options would be good

Have you tried the new special edition Pro v1's? They have a pink line, and number. I found them easier to look at than last years black line, however I do like the silver line on this years ball.


Count me in as a fan.  I use them to align on the tee box, but not on the green, so the slightly more subtle arrows are better for me.