what golf balls works best in winter

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clayton t

just wondering if anyone use different balls durning cold months?

Aaron S

Just out of curiosity, can you explain why you would switch to a soft? I am curious because I play about 2-3 months in colder temperatures. I normally stick with the same ball throughout, but starting to think that I need to adapt more to the temperature. 

Daniel R

in colder temperature the ball doesnt fly as far since the air is more dense. So if you prioritize distance during these months maybe you should switch to a faster ball

However since I live in southern california its always above 55 degrees year-round

Connor I.

Hey Aaron, the reason it is good to play a softer ball in cold temps is because when it is cold outside, the ball gets kind of harder and by playing a softer ball such as the PROV1 or the NXT Tour S it kind of evens it out.

Brian C

I play  E6's under 55 degrees and Pro V1x when it's higher.  

David B

Brian, I was wondering if you have compared the performance of the two balls you play under cold conditions?

Feel is very relative but by playing a low compression ball, you decrease the spin especially around the greens.

Brian C


Great question. Yes. I have hit both in the colder weather.

My experience is that when it is colder, it is also wet and windy.   During the colder weather the greens in Ohio are not being cut. 

With this said, my experience is that the Pro V1x's don't rollout off the tee at all and they typically back up too much on the greens. The backing up is most likely due to the greens not being cut. The wind also makes a difference as I know I get more spin off my driver with Pro V1x compared to the E-6.

When using the E-6, I feel like I get similar distance off the tee, I get less wind interference and when going into the greens the ball hits and rolls less than 12 inches.  I chose the E-6 because it has a higher ball flight which helps with approach shots. With regards to chipping, I have been able to get the E-6 to react about 80% compared to the Pro V1x.  I hit the chips a little higher to make up for the lack of spin, but I can spin the E-6's some.

Typically, I play E-6's Nov. - Feb. and then I use the Pro V1x's Apr. - Oct.   Just in time to take advantage of Titleist's Pro V1x offer that went out today.

Hope this helps and as you can see there is not proven science behind my ball switching approach.  It is just my opinion.


James B

I don't change ball in the Winter but, we really don't get much of a winter here in southern Texas.