2013 NXT Tour S

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Stephen T

Is there going to be an updated NXT Tour or Tour S ball in 2013 similar to changes made in the new Pro V1/V1x ?  If so, what is the release date ?

Has any thought been given to producing the Pro V1 in Optic Yellow as well ?

Michael W

Love the NXT Tour S Ball. Best Ball I have ever played.


The NXT and NXT S  are very good balls. I was using the S in cold weather and will start spring golf with the S version.

The S has a nice soft feel coming off the club face and I love the way it putts. Nothing like a Titleist ball on the Dance Floor.




Quentin S

I tried the nxt tour s yesterday and compared to the V1 I could not get it to check on the greens.  Off the driver it flew just like the v1 for me with a little lower launch.


I hit PROV1x in warm weather and will agree when hitting a 3 & 5 wood or 4H into the green the PROV will check up and hold  the green better than an NXT but on higher iron and wedge shorts I see no difference in ball spin  performance.  But I also hit very high shots into the greens with my png Irons.

Its all about what works best given weather conditions and how the golf coarse is laid out for your game.